Firefox 3.5 – tab tearing, private browsing & HTML 5 video support

It’s probably late than never, but it’s great news that Firefox 3.5 has been released yesterday for the masses to download and enjoy.

Those who fell in love with Google Chrome and it’s many great features sans plugins & extensions support would probably switch back to Firefox 3.5 because the same cool features in Chrome like tab tearing, that awesome search bar and private browsing are now also found in Firefox. I know, because I’m starting to love Firefox again.

Tear tab feature in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 from Percy Cabello on Vimeo.

I think the best new feature about this version of Firefox is the support for HTML 5 with video in an open-source format like Ogg Vorbis or Theora. It means that Firefox 3.5 treats videos as if they are just part of the page and not as embedded flash objects. This, in my theory, would be a key in by-passing some firewalls that filter out flash objects in webpages.

Of course there’s support for tab tearing in Firefox 3.5, which was first introduced by Chrome. Again, better to late than never right?

A minor qualm over Firefox 3.5’s private browsing mode

However, there’s one thing that I frown about Firefox 3.5. Sure it now has a porn private browsing mode but why does it have to devote the entire browser into that mode whenever private browsing is activated? I like Chrome’s implementation better. It’s version of private browsing called Incognito, allows me to open a regular Chrome window or tab and an Incognito window at the same time. It’s more flexible and less time consuming.

In Firefox 3.5 however, it interrupts your workflow because it stops your current regular browsing session and devotes the entire browser into private mode. What if you only wanted to view a single page in private browsing just to have a peek or do a quick transaction?

Hopefully, the Firefox team will consider this minor issue for the next version. Overall though, version 3.5 is a great update to Firefox because I almost made the complete return to using Firefox as my default browser.

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