Finding the right mobile blogging setup

Mobility is the name of the game. A game I have yet to master as evidenced by the sudden drop of updates on this blog. My new job has been taking a lot of my time and efforts that I now only spend an average of 5 to 6 hours of each day being online. Blog hopping, consuming RSS feeds and online research has really taken a back seat and with it, my blogging.

In order to cope up, I’ve been trying to perfect or at least create a working mobile blogging setup using my LG Optimus One phone. Already it is loaded with the standard apps for mobile bloggers running on Android:
WordPress, Google Reader, Springpad, Twitter and Google Docs.

Mobile Blog Setup
One of the home panels dedicated to mobile blogging
I have also been a regular subscriber of Globe’s Powersurf promo so that I can still get online on the road or where there is no free Wi-Fi available.

Being on the constant search for a free Wi-Fi hotspot, I’ve come to know where in SM Bacoor and SM Dasmarinas are the spots where their free Wi-Fi signal are the strongest.

So while there’s still time, I take out my Optimus One and fire up Google Reader to get as much new content from the blogs that I regularly follow. The juicy topics I quickly save and share via or Twitter then the my thoughts on the subject are quickly jotted down using Springpad.

I then work on these drafts when I get home and that’s how I manage to put out a new post every once in a while. It’s taking quite a while to get used to reading content on small screen as compared to using a notebook PC.

It does have its own advantages though as most websites are displayed without the ad banners that when overdone really makes me want to hit the close button.

What I get is the content in its raw and pure form. Distraction-free reading is very effective in a mobile setting. Now I fully understand why the Safari browser has a similar feature.

Going back, I use the WordPress Android app to quickly moderate comments and save draft posts which saves a lot of time. All I have to do when I get home is to focus on putting the finishing touches to the draft and then finally publishing them.

The ultimate test of how effective this mobile blogging setup is to look at the output which is number and quality of the blog posts I am able to publish here. Looking back on the past posts, it’s obvious that there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Once I do get the hang of this setup, I’m confident that I’d able to regularly post on this blog again. Plus the change of environment and being regularly on the road does help in getting the creative juices and blogging mojo flowing.

This setup is far from perfect, as there are problems, though small ones, that I still need to address. But that’s for another post, for another time. Do you also blog on the go? What’s your mobile blogging setup?

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