Finally, integrated Facebook & Twitter Login to WordPress comments

Some view it as WordPress’ challenge to the Facebook Comment Box I on the other hand see it as a positive response to a need of WordPress users; allowing readers to easily add comments using their Facebook or Twitter credentials without the need for a third-party plugin.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those third-party plugins that do just that, but seeing how this feature has become so common nowadays, it has become a de facto must-have for blogs. So it makes perfect sense that Facebook and Twitter login options be integrated into the WordPress comment widget.

It saves us bloggers from the hassle of finding the right plugin that does this job, it saves us from the trouble of resolving plugin conflicts if it arises, it saves us from the other trouble of messing around with theme files in order to make the plugin work the way we want it. Ultimately, one less plugin running under the hood makes a WordPress blog more secure and stable.

For now this feature is available to users and would soon be released for those self-hosted WordPress users like me via a plugin or as part of a future version of Jetpack.

Kudos to the WordPress team for this wonderful update!

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