Finally: House Inquiry on Substandard Broadband Internet Services in the Philippines

When Senator Juan Ponce Enrile led the Senate inquiries on the sneaky practices of telcos about their SMS and call services in December last year, most of us netizens thought that an inquiry in to the crappy internet services the same telcos offer would be next. After gaining political brownie points from putting telcos on the hot seat, which gave birth to the short-lived non-expiring prepaid credit promos, no one else in congress bothered to look into the other woeful services we consumers had to put up with.

We all know the sorry and crappy state of the internet in the Philippines. Forums, blogs and social networking sites are teeming with stories from irate customers about how screwed up broadband internet services are in the country.

Now, we have a new hope, as fellow blogger and Kabataan party-list Rep. Mong Palatino has filed House Resolution No 407 which would call for an investigation about the ‘substandard’ broadband internet services here in the country.

HR 407- Inquiry on Broadband Internet Services

It’s about time. Let us call on our Congressmen to support this measure. Exercise their duties of really voicing out the concerns of us their constituents and finally make this telcos accountable for shortchanging their subscribers.

You can visit Kabataan Party-list’s website and send stories of your experience with your internet connection.

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