Ferrari won fair and square

Though I failed to watch the [tag]United States Grand Prix[/tag] yesterday, I am very much pleased and proud to say that the 1-2 qualifiying results scored by [tag]Ferrari[/tag] were also the same results when the checquered flag flew over the Indiannapolis speedway. Seven-time world champion [tag]Micheal Schumacher[/tag] won while his team mate Felipe Massa was second! Non-Ferrari fans may not like the classic Ferrari 1-2 dominance in the US Grand Prix but the Americans think otherwise and it’s safe to say that last year’s farce of of [tag]Formula 1[/tag] race is now in the past. With 19 points to recover, Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari team has no where to go but forward.
Viva la Scuderia Ferrari! 😀

I’m sure most Pinoys are still gripped by Pacman’s victory and that this F1 news is of little to no value at all, still, my heart goes out to [tag]Manny Pacquiao[/tag] and Michael Schumacer. Both men, champions in their own right have done a splendid job. Pacman’s victory truly deserves a nation’s applause and pride. Ie thinks Pacquiao’s heroism must not degrade into a mere celebrity’s show. I agree and I hope that he stays in the [tag]boxing[/tag] ring or if he decides to, venture the arena of politics with an open and well-discerning mind.


I’ve messed around with the inner workings of my blog again. I’ve added a tagging system plus a tag archives to replace, not totally, the rigid categorization of posts. So if one of my tags interest you, feel free to click on it to read the articles I’ve posted that are related to it. Another update I made to this new blog of mine is the cleaning up of my links and blogroll system. I created a new separate links and blogroll page for everyone to view and enjoy without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you want to exchange links, just let me know and I’ll be glad to link you up. Again, my extreme gratitude goes out to Sir Angelo who has once more saved the day for me.

The fumbling around and messing up under the hood of this blog has always been a great learning experience, especially for users like me who have no formal training or education regarding programming and such, braving the process of trial-and-error, though messy and often times furstrating could give up great rewards in the end.

That’s why I am going off to sleep tonight a happy and content programming noobie. 😉

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  1. The prancing horse is making a comeback. I hope this continues. I’m not so fond of the Pacman however. We failed to remember that’s he’s only an international champion and not a world champion. For the benefit of everyone, we have 9 current international champions. They also deserve to be remebered. Not to degrade Manny, but Flash Elorde should be the one given the Lakandula Award since he held the world title for 7 years.

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