Feels great to be Pinoy! sort of…

This meme post has again been delayed for days. Been so busy with offline work, my blogging, problogging gigs and online projects have been suffering of late. School is about to reopen and I’m afraid the new class schedule plus added school involvements will really eat a lot of my time come June 13. Nonetheless, personal preparations are on the way, I have lots of things in store, things that I’ve been secretly or silently working on this past few months. All will be revealed in the coming weeks.

So where’s the meme?! You ask, here is it below.

Thanks to Shari for tagging me this meme, it’s been months since I was last tagged by anyone. The meme is quite simple, at first glance, it merely requires me to write about 3 things that make me feel proud and want to shout out that I am Pinoy or as I prefer it personally, a Pilipino.

I share sentiments with Shari, as there are a hundred things I could complain or rant about the Philippines while I’ll find it difficult to bear out what is good in us. Hence the lengthy prologue of this post. All is not lost as in every nook and cranny of this country, except for Malacañang and the office of the Speaker of the House, goodness is still present.

Unlike Shari though, I do not write about those things here in the Four-eyed Journal, Sumilang is there for this purpose, though I haven’t really been faithful and consistent in updating it. Procrastination, the bane of blogging.

Going back to what I was really aiming for, there is still something, or a lot of things I could be proud of being a Pilipino. What are those things? Okay, enough with the delaying tactics, here they are:

It’s a GO victory in the Senate race – in your face Gloria and Garci! And to the majority of the Team Unity and Administration lap dogs. hahaha! Go cry to your American coach Pacman! hahaha!

Others will be irked by what I just said, err, wrote. Am I a pro-Estrada voter? Hell no! I was a protest voter! Yes, my votes for Honasan, Trillanes and the rest of the Genuine Opposition (I didn’t vote all of them anyways) was a protest against the evil empire that is now called the Arroyo Administration.

It seems that I was not the only one who used their votes to the fullest effect and power. As of now, the Team Unity and their “machinery” is shambles, or as Pichay reminds me, “nasa kangkungan.” hahaha!

6 Filipino High Schoolers winning an international Science Fair – found this via Filipina Soul. Who said Pilipinos are just good for domestic jobs, call centers, prostitution and other marginalized jobs? I just hope that these kids, Melvyn Carlo Barroa, Hester Mana Umayam, Ivy Razel Ventura, Janine Cindy Santiago and Mara Elaine Villaverde, and Luiji John Karlo Suarez will use their achievements, skills and brain power in true service of the motherland. Let’s just hope they were not too Americanized yet!

KABATAAN will have a seat in Congress – Mabuhay ang Kabataang Pilipino! The other party-lists were lucky most of Pilipino youth were unregistered, otherwise KABATAAN would’ve been higher up in the rankings and would gain more seats in Congress. But being in the top 2% bracket is as good as getting all 3 seats.

These are the three reasons I could think of right now that make me proud to be a Piilipino. There are lots more and I’ll just write about them in future posts. As for the continuation of this meme, I’m tagging Jaypee, Tess of Prudence and Madness, Sexy Mom, Rob & the Blogosphere, and fellow Gundam collector Mark Parreñas of Winterheim HDD.

Enjoy! And if you feel like doing this meme too, please leave a comment and I’ll whip some special kind of link love in the coming weeks. Pwamis!

Sidenote: It’s either Globelines broadband is being crappy again or it’s Google itself. Nah! It’s Globelines being much crappier these days. For reasons I can’t yet understand, I’ve been having difficulty using any of Google’s goodies; the regular Gmail (because Gmail for domain is A-Ok), Google Reader and even AdSense. It takes me hours to login to those services, even Google’s homepage took about 20 minutes to load last Monday.

Resetting my modem/router didn’t do the trick. So I decided to use OpenDNS again as ever since Globelines gave me a new modem/router, I’ve been using their own DNS settings, and surprise, surprise! Google was all perfect now at my end.

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  1. It is Globe having an issue with google. I had been bugging them for the past 6 days. Last night, I was fortunate to attend a Globe Innove dinner and all their managers were there so I complained to them that if I can’t access Google, something is terribly wrong with their connection. They made a few calls. Anyway, Today, when I woke up I can already access all the Google sites :gmail, adsense, reader , etc.

    Call Globe support so they know about this problem affecting your area. (I’m in Pasig city)

  2. I knew it, thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to give them a call. Though OpenDNS has solved this problem.

    Tsk tsk, another reason to switch ISPs. 😉

  3. good thing i checked my technorati.

    i'll do this tag tom. i need time and lots of energy to think of just even one reason why i love phils.

  4. that photo is really interesting… Pacman maybe is doing thesame as shown on the picture as he lost from the election…..

    hindi yata namili ng boto si pacman kaya talo…

  5. Indeed, the result for senatorial race should make us proud as Filipinos because we can say that the Filipino used their brains in choosing their leaders. GO!

  6. my piece-am proud to be pinay. i had my share of travels in the last 10 years, and wow! there was never a time when i was not proud of being a pinay–how the foreigners love our “dancing eyes”, penchant for singing and dancing (though i do not have it), the “smartness”, good heartedness, and many others. even in places where pinays are known as DH, i really did not mind being known as a pinoy. oh, how they love our beautiful skin, and they always find “guessing” our age. they say say Filipinos’ faces can never give away our age, generally, foreigners think that we look pretty much younger than our real age.

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