Fear of nose injuries

Back when I was in my first year of highschool, a fight between a classmate of mine and a senior student broke out one afternoon near the local church which was just beside our campus. It’s a first year student against a senior so the common dictates would make us think that the senior would win right?

Not exactly, you see that classmate of mine was the tallest person in our class. He had just turned 13 years of age and already he’s taller than most of us, just give him a mustache and you’d easily mistake him for a guy in his early twenties. Now for that senior, he was just the average looking third year student in a typical Philippine highschool. He may be smaller than my classmate, whom from this point I’ll call ‘Al’, but he has built up a reputation in school for being a certified alpha male. A regular troublemaker in other words.

Unfortunately, my classmate ‘Al’ had the dream, nay the tendency of making a name for himself in school. More tragically, this tendency of his made him follow in that senior’s footsteps. Talk about succession right? However, that senior thug did not agree to the idea that a freshman was already in campus ready to take his place. So the two finally decided to settle the score once and for all. Actually, the fight stemmed from an incident wherein a paper plane landed on the senior’s head, messing up his already messy-styled hair. Even though ‘Al’ had nothing to do with it, he just so happened to stare back at the senior when he was looking for the real culprit who flew the paper plane. In our school, that was the law, ‘touch not my gel-styled hair, or else get your face styled with my fists.’ Quite typical of highschool isn’t it?

So on that fateful afternoon, in the midst of our fellow schoolmates who happened to be there, ‘Al’ and the senior faced off much to our cheers. We expected it to be a good fight but unfortunately, something tragic and quite gruesome ended the match quicker than we could say “Go ‘Al’!” The senior, thanks to his lesser height compared to ‘Al’ easily dodged the first punch, he took one step back and threw him a kick, right in the nose. That ended it, in a blood-filled fashion, the first encounter between him and his successor the freshman ‘Al’.

I’ve never seen so much blood coming out of a human nose before and that image still haunts me to this day. Of course ‘Al’ recovered from that injury, he even managed to get even by breaking that senior’s wrist; at the price of getting kicked out of school that is. Even if I don’t have a high-bridged nose, I just like it the way it is, in one whole piece. For those who don’t like your nose, even if it wasn’t injured in some senseless highschool brawl, you could always have corrective nose surgery. You could either get your nose fixed back to what it looked like the day you were born or even changed to make you look better. Whatever suits your fancy.

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  1. Right on Alex. Though I find writing to include BTP links a very challenging feat.

    But hey, this is a true story I spent hours digging up from my half-life memory. Now that I've written about it, I think I'll go lookup for 'Al' in Friendster. Just to see how he's doing now. 🙂

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