Faster broadband internet speeds with PLDT’s upcoming FTTH

Yesterday, I spent the whole morning trying to figure out why my Globe broadband connection was being slow and intermittent again. After trying to troubleshoot the problem myself and three phone calls to their customer services, I gave up, went to watch TV instead and hoped that this problem wouldn’t last another week.

Thankfully it did not, but the incident yesterday once more brought up the idea of switching ISPs for a better internet and customer services experience.

The news that PLDT is will be launching a more advanced broadband delivery platform called Fiber-To-The-Home, certainly makes the idea even brighter.

Fibert-To-The-Home or FTTH is a broadband internet delivery platform that uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data using light signals sent through hair-thin strands of pure glass.

The result is a much faster broadband internet connection, something like having download speeds of up to 94.86 megabits per second (mbps) and upload rates of 69.39 mbps as demonstrated by PLDT.

While this service is aimed for residential customers, Lloyd Lopez mentions a report that it will be initially made available to high-income subdivisions and condominiums. Initial launch areas include Bonifacio Global City, Forbes Park, Urdaneta Village, Ayala Alabang, Dasmarinas Village, Wack Wack, Ayala Heights, Valle Verde and certain areas covered by PLDT Subictel and PLDT Clarktel.

It seems a little unfair, but this strategy will allow the new system to be tested extensively. Hopefully, by the time PLDT makes it available to lower-income households or the general public, it will come at a more affordable price and better technical and customer services support.

Let’s just hope that the fiber-optic cables would not attract line thieves that are a common problem especially in provincial areas. If this new platform would deliver on its promises, I’d be glad to jump ship and switch over to PLDT once it becomes available here in Cavite.

I wonder how Globe would respond to this one?

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