Facebook to launch its own third-party commenting system

Third-party commenting services have another formidable competitor to soon join their ranks – the current king of social networking sites Facebook.

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy reports:

Facebook is planning to launch a third-party commenting system in a matter of weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with the new product. This new technology could see Facebook as the engine behind the comments system on many high-profile blogs and other digital publications very soon.

McCarthy also adds that just like the comments system offered by Disqus, IntenseDebate, Echo, etc. Facebook’s offering may also permit users to log in with their Google, Yahoo! or Twitter IDs.

Though Facebook already offers a Comments box widget, this upcoming product would be a full-pledged commenting system. Some may say it’s a bit late for Facebook to enter this niche, but this is Facebook, so it will definitely have some impact on the current players like Disqus, IntenseDebate etc.

I’ve had my try with IntenseDebate on this blog last December but opted to return to WordPress’ own commenting system because of syncing issues. But that’s just me.

Would you use Facebook’s upcoming commenting system?

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