Expanding the memory of my SE K800i

Yesterday, I finally had enough money to do my K800i a favor by buying a 2GB Memory Stick Micro M2. Yes, that’s a whopping 2GB of storage space all packed within that tiny black chip which is almost the size of my thumb’s fingernail.

Aside from the awesome storage capacity, another mind-blowing attribute of this tiny storage media is its price tag. Most dealers I visited are selling the 2GB M2 at almost Php4,000!!

Even my friends and a fellow professor who also use Sony Ericsson phones where kept at bay and frustrated by the price tag. It finally made me realize that there’s really something unique to owning a Sony Ericsson phone, aside from the good quality of its Cyber-shot and Walkman phones, the price tags on its accessories do set SE users in a different class. A class that must really dig deep into their pockets if we want to ‘pimp’ our phones or extend and enhance its already cool features.(Curse Sony’s adherence to proprietary technologies and gadgets :P)

So after months of saving up on my earnings, I finally braved to scour the malls for a good bargain on the M2. My obsessive-compulsiveness didn’t help me much as I was hell-bent on getting the 2GB version of the M2 so that “it would be the last M2 I’d ever buy.”

3 Phone shops in SM City Dasmariñas offered the M2 on the same price range, which was the near dreaded Php4-k level. I was nearly heart-broken and was about to resign my self to getting the 1GB M2 which was offered at Php1,900 at CD-R King. Luckily, I had a last-minute change of mind and sudden renewal of hope. I went out again in search of store that had the 2GB M2 on price I could afford.

It seems the fates were on my side as I found my way into City Telecom and there it was, a 2GB M2 on sale!! From it’s original price of Php3,000 it was brought down to Php2,100 which was well within my budget. I wasted no more time as I told the saleslady that I was going to buy that M2.

Memory Stick Micro M2I left that store with a big smile on my face and a 2GB M2 in my pocket. I couldn’t wait to get home, plug it in my K800i and put all the photos, music, games and apps I’ve been saving up ever since I decided to upgrade my phone’s memory.

At the moment I have over 500MB worth of compressed music, 10MB worth of games and apps and almost 5MB of photos. Speaking of which, it is the desire to increase the number of photos I could take and store in my phone before it needs to be transferred or the bad ones deleted in order to make space for more photos that I was determined to get the 2GB M2. Just point-and-shoot the K800i now, delete the not-so-good shots later.

What’s the use of a 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot phone if the number of photos one could take is quite limited right? Now that my phone’s memory has been greatly expanded, storage space or the lack thereof would no longer be an inhibition to my budding interest in digital-photography. (even though I only have 3.2 megapixel camera-phone to take photos with)

Aside from more photos, more music, more apps and games I could fit in my K800i, I’m beginning to like the idea of using the phone as my primary portable storage device, instead of my aging Creative MuVo thumb drive/mp3 player.

Oh my, I see techie experiments brewing in the horizon. I just hope my phone would not end up broken or screwed up.

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  1. Yup, Memory sticks can be pricey. For my K750i, I had to go inside each store at SM Cyberzone just to look for a good bargain for a Memory Stick Pro Duo. I got a 2GB for P2,800 but it's only Class A (whatever that means). SE center is selling those damn expensive sticks for a whopping P5K for a 2GB, though I'm sure it's got a year-long warranty compared to the measly 3 months I got with my Class A Memory stick.

    Well, at least, you got what you wanted at a price that you've comfortable with 🙂

    Have fun!

    Aside: I think I'm getting bored with the Sony Ericsson. I might switch to Nokia next year. 🙂 Hehe.

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  2. I think it's the hefty price tag on the M2 or any other Sony Ericsson accessory that prevents their widespread use and adoption. Why would someone spend that much when there are lots of cheaper alternatives that works the same?

    Only die-hard SE fans would. I'm afraid I've become one. 😛

    You're switching? Why? Which model are you going for?

  3. Congratulations! It's really fun and exciting when you get to buy something at a bargain. Whenever I need to buy something, I really go around and canvass for the lowest price and best bargain. 😀

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  4. wanna buy some accessories for my w880i Walkman phone

    don't know where to find one because i really don't go out much.

    help please would be very much appreciated

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