Entrecard now selling credits

It has finally arrived, those who are tired of dropping their Entrecards on the millions of blogs out there wishing there could be an easier way to earn more credits can do so if they have the cash to spare (and I bet die-hard users do) by buying credits directly from Entrecard.com

Option to Buy Credits is here
Finally, the long awaited option to buy credits has arrived. While dropping is by far the most popular option to get credits, if you wanted to launch a massive campaign, there is no way you could get the credits you needed quickly by dropping.

So now, on your dashboard, you will now find a link to “Buy Credits”. You can also use this link:

Where does the credits you’ll buy come from? The answer is quite interesting and can be read on Entrecard’s blog:

To this end, it wouldn’t serve you well if we just generated credits out of thin air and sold them. You’ve worked hard for those credits, and in a sense we don’t feel we have the right to undermine all the time you spend with us by cheating our own system. So, the answer to the long awaited question, is you. We buy these credits from you.

The way it works is we purchase the credits from trusted members of the community. We’re going to secure about 20,000 to 40,000 credits each day to sell by purchasing them from these trusted members who’s earning methods can be validated and approved through our system, and who’s blogs are top-notch. We will not buy from anyone who exhibits suspicious activity, and we will not buy from anyone with a sub-par quality blog.

Our economy is very delicate and must stay balanced at all time, and we would like to take a moment to assure you that this action will serve only to increase the value of the Credit, and create more value for our members who are interested in generating revenue by selling their credits.

So this is how Entrecard plans to monetize their service though they haven’t mentioned if they take a cut from the buying and selling of credits. Still, it’s a brilliant idea in which both Entrecard and EC users will benefit. All those time spent bloghopping and EC-dropping will finally yield more rewards.

A delicate economy

EC users can buy limited amounts of credits a day using PayPal. I just bought 1,000 credits for US$9.50 and when I returned to see if more are available I saw this message:

* Please note: A maximum of 1,002ec are currently available for purchase using paypal. If there are insufficient credits left today for your purposes, please try again tomorrow – credits are generally added daily.

A well thought-of scheme if I may say. This whole new system depends on the hard working EC users continuing to visit other blogs to drop their Entrecards. Brilliant!

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