Enthropia rules! Our .com.ph domains remain ours for free

Sonnie has beaten me to posting about this great great news for us .com.ph bloggers, Enthropia has decided to continue sponsoring our .com.ph domains plus hosting for another year!! Woot!!!

It all started 4 days ago when we received email notifications that our .com.ph domains will be expiring within the next 30 days. “Would our sponsorship end in 30 days?” This question has been racing in our minds since then. Actually though, we .com.ph bloggers have been silently talking amongst ourselves about our future, whether if we would continue to enjoy the free .com.ph domains + web hosting from Enthropia or we’re going to be on our own once we pass the one-year mark.

Some of us, including my self, have already drawn contingency plans in case our fruitful relationship with Enthropia ends, like paying for our .com.ph domains despite its hefty price tag because after all, we’re only going to pay for it once a year and switching to different webhosts that suits our individual needs and preferences though Ploghost.com has been awesome in hosting our .com.ph blogs.

Fortunately for us, things got better when we received this email from Andre of Enthropia, Inc.

The domains and hosting will be kept on, the notice was just part of the domains.ph system. We are happy with the success of each blog and are expanding the program to accept more bloggers who wish to switch to a local domain name.

This email simply gave me one of the best reasons to smile this summer. The use .com.ph initiative may have toned down after the first months that we the 1st batch of .com.ph beneficiaries have started up our individual sites, but I’m positive that now that we’ve reached the one-year mark, something of great potential has already been seeded in this little and silent network of .com.ph bloggers.

I foresee that synergy and collaboration amongst us and those who will be given the next batch of .com.ph domains will soon come to life and create something exciting and wonderful for the Philippine blogosphere. A network of .com.ph bloggers who will proudly carry with them the .com.ph domain and contribute to what the Pinoy blogger can do and achieve.

At present, here are the links to the .com.ph bloggers sponsored by Enthropia,

Job Openings and Career Development
MicroISV Notebook
Sonnie’s Porch

We look forward to another great year of blogging and also to meet the new batch of .com.ph bloggers once Enthropia gets the ball going again, hopefully.

Once again, many many thanks to Enthropia, J Angelo Racoma and Ploghost!!!

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  1. The Go-Ogle.com.ph domain is also sponsored by Enthropia.

    Does that mean we can ask them to host the Web Standards PH Group website with them? 😀

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