Election quick counts and sticking with zooomr

Some days ago, I wrote about my dilemma on what photo hosting service to stick with now that I have a decent tool for taking photos. I was torn between Google’s Picasa Web Albums and Zooomr.com

Flickr was out of my list because I don’t have the means and money to pay for PRO account and besides, Picasa and Zooomr were excellent free alternatives. Again my problem was, which service to stick to from now on.

Here’s a recap of the basic pro’s and con’s of either service.

Picasa Web Albums


Easier and much organized way of organizing your photos into albums
Control on which albums are accessible to the public or not
RSS feeds
Link to photos in various sizes
Integration with my Google Account


Limited storage space to 1GB even though Google says it will keep on growing
Limited to storing .jpg images



Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and image resolution uploading.
It allows for some fancy image effects as used by Max Limpag
Has a bigger community compared to Picasa
Offers a way of earning from your photos by selling them
Has added features like Geotagging your photos etc.


Photos are dumped in one ‘place’
Organizing photos into ‘albums’ is quite tricky

The last negative point I raised about Zooomr is that organizing your photos in to ‘albums’ or sets, as the site refers to it, is not that straightforward. Instead of choosing which photos to be included in an album by simply click-and-drag method, Zooomr does this by creating ‘smart sets’ which are like filters that sort images according to the criteria set by you the user.

I originally asked Max Limpag on how to create ‘albums’ or sets in Zooomr since he has been using it to host his photos with snazzy effects on his award-winning blog. Just recently, he made a post on how to do just this in Zooomr.

When the photos have been uploaded, click on the Build a SmartSet link on the sidebar, under the Things To Do heading.

You will be taken to the page that will help you build the set. Once there, you have the option to group photos according to: their tags, the time they were taken or uploaded, the owner of the photos, the people in it, the photos’ geo-tags, and even the number of views.

Max even created a cool screencast on how to master this neat feature of Zooomr. I can’t believe it was that simple! So now that I know how to organize my photos in Zooomr, I’ve finally decided to use it as my ‘default’ image hosting service while Picasa would be relegated as my ‘back-up’ or secondary image host.

I still have some minor gripes with Zooomr’s smart sets though. Every time I create one, the photos that were supposed to be included does not immediately appear in it. The SmarSets appear empty when you first create them, I simply logout and then login back again to see that the right photos were included in the right SmarSet. Even though the images were tagged properly and I’ve selected the right criteria, maybe Zoomr’s servers are now under some considerable load given that the service now caters to a growing community enjoying its amazing benefits and features all for free!

Now to showcase once more what Zooomr can do, here are some photos from today’s quickcount operation of the PPCRV‘s provincial headquarters in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas to which my self and my fellow Lasallian student volunteers offered our help.

PPCRV tag line

PPCRV voter's ed faculty

Sir Yuri

Sir Lucky

Luis, Sir Lucky and Dex

The first day of counting had a slow start but I’m sure the pace will soon pick up in the coming days as we rush to count the votes and see who’s won the recent elections. More about this, including photos in the coming days.

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  1. Picasa is not limited to .jpg images only. gif, png, etc, even the major most common formats of videos (avi, mpg, mov) as well.
    Aside from that, indexed images in picasa is searchable by date, size, extension, and filename. You can easily import your images from your digital camera. Another feature is the quick fixes it lets you do to your images like lightening or fixing the skewed pics, red eye, and so on.

  2. I know mi, I was referring to Picasa Web Albums by Google. They don’t accept non-jpg type images to be uploaded into your albums.

    Picasa the photo-editing and organizing photo is a good software though.

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