eBay slams Google Checkout

via Cnet.com: eBay bans Google Checkout

Does this mean that the tagline circulating among the blogoshpere and e-mail groups saying that ‘Google Checkout is no PayPal killer’ wrong?

The Elinor Mills writes in Cnet.com news blog:

“Safety and convenience are at the core of eBay’s policies toward payments,” the policy statement says. “This policy is designed to promote safe online shopping, and to encourage online payment methods that are safe, easy to use, reliable, and offer high levels of protection for users.”

eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said Google Checkout was added to the prohibited payment services list on Thursday primarily because it is so new and untested.

There you have it, ‘so new and untested’ this, in all good intentions, means that Google must stop at rolling out products and services in the ‘beta’ stage. It may sound cool or cutting-edge stuff just because it has the ‘beta’ tag attached to it but eBay does have a point.

Can you trust your online transactions to be safe and totally secure when using a service that is still in beta or testing stage? Aside from a strategic move by [tag]eBay[/tag] to protect its own [tag]PayPal[/tag] service from the giant that is [tag]Google[/tag], it just makes perfect sense.

Still, I’m not totally with eBay on this move. It only makes sense as long as Google Checkout is in the ‘beta’ stage, once it does comes out as a fully functional stand-alone service it should be removed by eBay from its banned list of [tag]payment services[/tag], it would just be unfair and unethical business-wise.

As for Google, I can only wish that they speed up the development of [tag]Google Checkout[/tag] so as to avoid similar incidents like this in the future, and please make it available in the Philippines in the very near future.

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  1. My reaction to the article “Would You Trust Google With Your Money?” in PCWorld.com:

    “Citing high cases of credit card fraud, Paypal refuses to offer its services in my country–the Philippines. I’d rather trust Google than a company that doesn’t trust me.”

  2. Infact It's great and wonderful to see a company that can challenge and compet with PayPal (eBay).
    For the part two years I couldn't purchase goods online because PayPal refuses to offer its services in my country "Nigeria" simply because some people among us are bad but they should know that not all nigerians are corrupt. It's well known that US has high rate of corruptions more than any country in the world . What I think they (PayPal & eBay) should do is what google asked me to do when I was opening my Google checkout account is that: customers should scan/photocopy both front and back of their cards after blocking the first 12 digit numbers and the front of their driver licences, then to mail/fax them.
    We are glad to have Google and trust its checkout rather than PayPal that doesn't trust us.
    Thanks google ride on

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