Easily Scan documents with Google Drive

When was the last time you used a flatbed scanner? In this day and age of email, PDF, MMS and the web, you have almost forgotten what the flatbed scanner is for. However, there would come a time that you would need to have a document, receipt or a certificate scanned because you needed to email it to someone.

Sure you can bring your those documents to an internet cafe and have it scanned but it could be a tiresome and expensive chore to do.

Google Drive for Android
Easily scan documents and convert it into PDF using Google Drive App’s native document scanner
The obvious solution is to take photos of your receipts using a smart phone and nowadays, even mid-level smart phones can take decent shots of documents etc with their built-in scan feature. The next challenge is turning those photos in to PDF files for easier transmission via email. There are a lot of apps available for Android and iOS that does the job perfectly but if you’re using Google Drive, which virtually comes pre-installed on every Android device, scanning receipts or any document is a lot easier.

It’s all thanks to Google Drive’s native document scanner mode which uses your smart phone’s camera to take photos of the document and then convert it into a PDF file as an output.

You can then easily send or share the file via email or create a public link using Google Drive itself. Best of all, the app is free!

For those using a different app to scan documents, give it a mention on the comments section below so that all of us would have a handy resource. For me, Google Drive is just right.

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