Earthquake reduces broadband back to dial-up

It’s the second day since my broadband connection returned after a Taiwan earthquake has caused some damages to undersea cables which in turn wreaked havoc to the country by disrupting bandwidth and telecommunication lines. Bloggers, despite the interference or complete loss of connections for some time still managed to blog about it.

Jepoy says the internet has gone crappy, Sir Abe has asked, “How’s your internet today?” bloggers respond varies from field reports to some interesting realizations plus the dreadful news that it may take as long as 3 weeks(!) for internet connections to go back to normal. Because of this, It’s a rugged life and I would have to slug it out for being back to dial-up speeds.

Just look at the before and after the earthquake connection speed tests I took:



After the earthquake:


Frustrating it may be, but at least there were no one injured or killed by the earthquake. A couple of weeks with this kind of slow connection is better than no connection at all, besides it may be at dial-up speeds but without the hassle of scratching cards and redialing many times just to get connected. Pray that our ISPs just manage to restore everything back up to normal faster than what the news are saying today.

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  1. Come to think of it, the Internet was originally created to enable communication in case of some horrific consequence like that of a nuclear holocaust. But in the Pacific rim region, an earthquake is enough to …

    Oh well.

  2. I still don't have my Globelines Broadband back. I got a new router yesterday but what's the use of a new router if there's to ADSL Sync?

    Sheez! It's so frustrating!

  3. I could imagine the trouble. I still think,dial up connection is sucky ,with or without natural calamities like earthquake.

    I’d recommend DSL.We never get any probs with our internet connections since its installation

    Wishing you a happy New year jhay!

  4. Same Here Dude! Bagal talaga ng connection speed! as in. Pero Ok nalang at least nakakapag internet naman ako at nakakapag open ng aking email accounts. di nga lang nakakapag access sa friendster at sa youtube! Pray nalang ako sana ma ayos na ang connection…:wink: pray din kayo!:lol:

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