Dreaming it big

When I first started blogging, I had the dream that one day I’ll make it big in this endeavor. My name would resound throughout the world wide web and even reverberate in the offline world. Problogging, it’s a dream-career for me.

I know that it would not most likely happen overnight, (unless of course I come up with that Digg-inducing phenomenal post that would catapult me to big blogging sucess) and I would have to slug it out by working hard to improve my craft, writing, relating and dealing with my fellow bloggers and readers. I would have to adapt continuosly to the ever-changing landscape of the blog-o-sphere, the readers and audience, and the web for that matter. Come up with some innovations, twists and strategies of my own and master SEO to stay near the top of this blogging game.

Expanding into learning and eventually mastering some under-the-hood blogging like designing my own theme from scratch, hacking WordPress or even writing my own plugin to combat spam and other neat stuff. Each of this and more would help me in reaching my problogging dreams.

For most bloggers like me who dreams big, ours is the challenge of not only becoming better bloggers but of also managing, enchancing and protecting what naturally comes as a reward of becoming a more successful and popular blogger, an equally big and important online reputation.

That ‘nice ring’ to one’s online name, domain or blog title even the combination of all three is the most noticable and most rewarding effects of having a good online reputation. That is why there is a need for an effective online reputation management. It’s essential to safeguard one’s online reputation once it has been built-up and established well. It does not only provide handsome financial rewards, open many doors of opportunities to grow even further, but most just of all; the fitting reward for all of one’s hard work, thinking, planning, daring to be stand out and from the very start, dreaming it big.

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