Dream come true: Eraserheads reunion concert Aug 30, 08

Unconfirmed Update: I heard this from a radio station while on a jeepney ride home, entrance for the E-heads reunion concert is supposedly free as long as you present 20 packs of cigarettes(?) The sponsor is Philip Morris.

I don’t smoke and I’m against smoking so I hope this rumor is not true, otherwise, I’d be forced to collect 20 packs of cigarettes from friends who do smoke. Bummer, IMO.

Somebody punch me quick! I still could not believe this news story from the Philippine Star website, in which Ricky Lo writes:

Flash: Eraserheads reunite!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.

According to the STAR source, all the original members (photo) are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy.

Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo. (source)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!1 O.M.F.G!!!!!!111!1!!!1!!1!!11

I am definitely going to watch this reunion concert by the Eraserheads! Other E-heads fans and Pinoy Rock music lovers would certainly go nuts over it as well. Not much details have been given but I’ll be keeping a close eye on entertainment news sites, forums and blogs for more information about this “dream come true” musical event for me.

2008 has just become more awesome! First it’s RedHorse’s Muziklaban 10 and now this reunion concert by the Eraserheads. It is simply asteeeg!!!!

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Callcenterguys last blog post..Diner Dash and Other Casual Games.


  3. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! bonggang bongga ang concert na ito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sa palagay ko ito na ang magiging simula ng pagbaba ng presyo ng langis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. reunion concert? ok! pero mas maayos kung reunion na all the way diba yung magrerecord pa sila kasi ang damidaming posibilities ng music nila., sana tugtog nila huling el bimbo yung baga 10 minutes long hehe. thisll be a huge concert.10!m/

  5. where can we buy or get the tickets for the e-heads shows!!!!
    i really looking forward to this!!!
    please… 😛

  6. 😈 paano naman po get ticket plzzz…
    say mo naman umikot mundo ko dahil sa kanila
    KAYA pls. pls. pls. gusto kung manood ng concert..

  7. Sounds good! but i think it’ll be unfair! PANO NAMAN KAMING MGA RAKISTA AT DIE HARD FANZ DIN NG EHEADS SA IBANG BANSA?! the only chance is you youtube, pero sana maganda ang copy, as in proffesional take…

  8. Im a avid fan of the EraserHeads i really want to see them in person if i have a chance to watch the concert i will grab the opportunity…. They say the concert is for free but i dont really know if it’s true or not but if its true i wish to have a tickets for Me and my Friends… 😆 😆

    My friend Told me about a site were you can get a ticket but i dont know the site…… 😛 😛 😛

    I wish somebody will tell me what site and how to get a ticket…….. plz………. plz…… 😉 😉 😉

    Crime…… 👿 👿
    Gusto ko talgang maka panood……….
    Ng concert ng E.heads…………….

    1. dennis,

      go to marlboro.ph, join the red list, sign up and wait. wait mo kung may ticket nga…hehehe tapos sabihin mo sa akin.

  9. psl… login para makakuha ng FREE TICKET













    1. hi im she, can you pls help me how 2 register on the upcoming eraserheads concert?ang dami ko ng sinearch pero dko prin mlaman kung pano…pls help me….

  10. huhuhu…. 😥
    sana makanuod kami d2 sa cyprus ng reunion ng eraserheads….
    i love this band….
    kahit napiyok si ely buendia….
    their songs rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC…………….HEADS! 😎 (nakaka-excite)

    sana tour sa buong pilipinas nalang ang gawin nila para masaya.. 😀

    pangit kung sa ccp open grounds lang…hindi kasya lahat ng fans nila dun… 😉 sinasabi ko na prrraamiss….HINDI KASYA…

  12. hang tagal naman ng confirmation sa Marlboro.ph eh.. last week pa ako nag register… huhuhu..

    atat ako e noh? hehehe :mrgreen:

  13. kainiz 😈

    till now ala pa din


    ang marlboro.ph

    boguz lng ata ei

    para makapag advertise cla..

    ccp open grounds db?

    open concert…. unahan n lng cguro

    para sure

    magdala n lng tau ng

    20 packs ng cigarette brnd nla

    kita kitz

    lahat ng eheads fans!!!!

    can wait to see and hear them once again..


    i lab eheads sobra


  14. 😥 😥 😥 😥 pano po ba makakuha ng tickets ng eraserheads

    ksi many of us are asking where we get the tickets of this concert because we want to watch this concert but the question is where we get the tickets and how??? i hope you'll reply to my friendsters account just send me your info

    trough massage….

    thank u i hope you will be reply to me ebontigaz3@yahoo.com tanks sana makapag reply kau sa account ko

  15. ➡ waah!bt nman gnun?

    mas OK p cguro kung may "BAYAD UNG TIKET"

    para ms malaki ung chance na makapanuod…

    kesa nman umasa sa wla at maghintay lng….

    tpos uuwi rin lng sa wla..TSKTSK

    1. sorry baby kailangan 18 yrs old above lang and you must have to present a valid ID to prove that your 18 years old. 🙄 😆

  16. naku



    bad news

    ive just heard

    a news

    hindi nmn daw 2loy ung


    maybe dats y

    until now

    marlboro.ph still no comfirmation

    about d said concert



    i-boycot kaya natin

    ang cigarrete na yan

    kainiz ei

    pinaasa tau


  17. GOOD NEWS:

    the concert will push thru!!!

    phillip morris has just pulled out being the organizer of the event, and even minors can watch the concert! (only up to age 12)


    BAD NEWS…. the ticket is not free… you have to buy it! where? announcements for tickets will be heard from radios or published in local newspaper! Price?? i heard its about 1500…. just check it out!

    GO NA TO!

  18. ang mahal ng ticket!!!


    Eraserheads: The Reunion
    The Fort Open Field – August 30, 2008 8PM

    Ticket Prices:

    Php 1372
    Php 844 About the Show:

    Tickets Available at…
    • all TicketWorld outlets
    • selected National Bookstore branches
    • Robinsons Department Store (Galleria, Malate, Festival Mall, & Starmill Pampanga)
    • and Ayala Malls (Greenbelt 1 & Glorietta 1 Cinema Booth)
    TicketWorld Head Office is open until 10PM
    August 28 (Thursday) and August 29 (Friday) EXTENDED HOURS:
    We have outlets to serve you until 9pm (Aug 28 and 29)
    • National Bookstore (Mall of Asia)
    • National Bookstore (Megamall)
    • Glorietta-1 Cinema Ticket Booth
    • National Bookstore (North EDSA)
    • National Bookstore (Araneta, Cubao)

  19. ei



    po ung final date?

    dis saturday n kaya ung concert..

    pls somebody help me bout this

    goin crazy… cant wait to watch d said concert.

  20. Eheads rock!

    Sobrang worried ako, kala ko mauubusan na ko ng ticket! I cant wait to see them on Saturday! Medyo tickets pero minsan lang to mangyayari at siguradong sulit na sulit.

    Minsan tayo ay naging tunay na… magkaibigan…… Whoohhoooooo!!!!


  21. when i first heard about this concert from a friend, i went on the internet immediately to check the specifics out. i too am one of those avid fans of the band that got super excited when i found out about the reunion concert. i love the eraserheads! i read some blogs saying that the concert will be free to those who will register on the marlboro website. as i went on to research on the event a little more, i found out that there are already people arguing about its authenticity. in short, this event that was spread by word-of-mouth (obviously by no less than marlboro/philip morris) and no other formal announcements were made about its specifics (even the venue was withheld until the last minute), caused so much hoopla on the internet. a dream come true to a sponsor that seeks to get attention from its target audience without having to advertise, since they can't. then a few days ago we all found out that it is actually NOT a free concert. a big joke, if you ask me. after gaining momentum they announce that you actually have to pay for the concert. it is actually a small price to pay to see one of the greatest OPM bands come together after years of hiatus but all this manipulation, honestly, is just a bunch of crap!

    i suggest that we all BOYCOTT MARLBORO, BOYCOTT THE CONCERT. if we allow this to go on, what will happen next? i love the eraserheads too but these big sponsors/advertisers are playing as puppet masters and making a mockery of the fans. they should learn to respect us. no more run-arounds. get the facts straight first before announcing it to the public. BOYCOTT THE CONCERT!!!!

  22. i don't believe that marlboro is totally out of the picture as the reports have mentioned. they got the publicity that they wanted. they will surely be present at the event in one way or another.

  23. sobra ka nmn riaps

    bkit nmn pati eheads ei i-boycott mo

    and besides.. philip morris was pressured by Dept of Health,

    coz its a sort of advertisement n din

    ei dba nga. any cigarette can n longer make a public advertisement.

    and kahit hndi k nmn

    nanunod, ei sold out p din ang ticket/concert

    cguro ikaw ang bad vives

    kaya inatake c ely..

    i-boycott mong mukha mo!!

    kainiz k.

  24. well riaps.

    the concert pushed through and was fantastic… although bitin, but understandable because of ely's condition.

    so did you have fun all by yourself in your room boycotting it?

    hahahaha! we all feel sorry for you.

  25. o ano riaps

    are you still alive..

    we are all praying for ely's recovery

    makunsensia k nmn oi,, makisam k smin

    after mong magboycott mag-isa

    i just hope now you realized na before you say anything else

    think of it first hundred times..

    patawa ka kasi.

    makagawa k lng nobela

    kung anu ano binitawan mong bad words..

    shame on you riaps

    shame on you…….

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