Chikadora d Exploiter – Bubble Gang spoof

Undeniably, Bubble Gang has become the best comedy show on Philippine TV. It’s Friday again and so later on tonight, Pinoys would be treated to some damn good entertainment courtesy of the wonderful cast of Bubble Gang led by the ever so talented Michael V or more popularly known as “Bitoy” and Ogie Alcasid.

I hope to watch tonight’s episode but that’s unlikely because tonight is the birthday celebration of my significant other. For now though, I’ll share a segment on last week’s episode of Bubble Gang that has been the talk of many in DLSUD as well as in all over the country this past week.

Bubble Gang’s spoof of the kid’s cartoon Dora the Explorer, which they aptly called “Chikadora ‘D Exploiter“. This one is just wreaking of awesome and humor.

Best line:
“Hindi kailangan ng pera. Ang kailangan lang ay chika!” EPIC LOL

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  1. know what? i decided not to come to office last night just to watch Bubble Gang. it's been 5 months already… but then I had no choice… 🙁

    not-too-good thing though about Chikadora, is that my daughter learns this spoof faster than the real Dora which is for kids…

    "puno, basurahan, tindahan" ulitin natin. "puno, basurahan, tindahan" 😀

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