Do you run your home network 24/7?

Things were much simpler when there was only one computer at home. Whenever no one was using the old desktop, it would be turned off along with the broadband modem/router. This is usually the case when I’m out of the house, asleep or I really have nothing to do on the computer.

Now that I have my laptop, there are two computers at home. Both are connected to the internet thanks to the D-Link DIR-300 Wireless Router I bought along with my laptop. And since then, things have changed.

When I’m done using my laptop or would have nothing to do on it, I would turn it off but I would have to keep both the broadband modem and wireless router on because they’re still in my room and my sister or little brother is still using the old desktop which I have moved out of my room and into theirs.

I sleep at around midnight but sometimes my sister would still go on using the desktop computer up until the wee hours of the next morning. Since I’m already asleep and the modem + wireless router is locked inside my room, they just hit the sack as well leaving the home network running for more than 24 hours.

Asides from pumping up our monthly electricity bill, much to the anguish of my parents, I’m also concerned about the safety of our home and of the equipments themselves. What if these things overheat and just burst into flames burning our house down? Or either or both modem and wireless router just and break down and die from the prolonged use?

I would not be this concerned if this situation would happen like once or twice in a week but for the past weeks since the home network was established, this has been the typical daily scenario: the home network running almost 24/7

I’m new to setting up and running my own network so I ask the experts and masters; do you run your home networks 24/7? Is it safe to do so? What tips or advice could you offer to address some if not all, of the concerns I’ve raised here?

Every bit would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I leave mine on 24/7. At first I’d turn it off but later on, I got tired and lazy of doing it every night. But after reading your post, I’ve thought about it especially the electricity consumption and I think I’ll turn off my wireless router starting today. I can’t turn off the cable model coz our phone line uses it, coz it’s bundled with the Internet provider. 🙂

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  2. You have to turn them off from time to time to keep them in top performance. About 30 mins. a day should do the trick. Also place your modem and router in an open, well-ventilated place to keep them cool.

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    1. Well I turn off the modem and router when I go to sleep or when no one is really using the computer. So by my reckoning, the home network is up at an average of 12 hours daily.

  3. I agree with Schumey, to a point. I've had networks running in my home for several years. An occasional reboot of the modem and router are required every so often, but aren't absolutely necessary. They are designed to run 24/7. Keep them well ventilated and dusted and they should perform fine for years. More than likely you will replace it because the technology has gotten better rather than having it crash.

    I've never heard of them bursting into flames, but who knows???

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  4. Just sharing my related experience.

    I have a computer shop for the past 4 years and I use this router wrt54G up 365 days less the only time it gets to rest when there are brownouts (though no brownouts longer than 24hrs.

    I only operate like 16hrs a day, and really its eating up electricity downloading torrents for the next 8hrs =)

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