DLSUD’s flexible tuition fee payment scheme

Starting this 2nd semester, DLSUD is now implementing a more flexible tuition payment scheme wherein students can now pay for just 20% of their total tuition and school fees to be considered as enrolled in the university. The rest of the balance would be paid out in monthly installments for the rest of the semester.

DLSUD's new monthly tuition payment scheme
DLSUD's new monthly tuition payment scheme

This is opposed to the old scheme of having to pay for 40% of one’s total tuition and school fees upon enrollment then paying for 20 % before the Pre-lim examinations then the final 20% before the Mid-terms or the Finals examinations.

DLSUD's old tuition payment scheme
DLSUD's old tuition payment scheme

It’s definitely good news for all students and parents of DLSUD. Paying for tuition fees are no longer as taxing as before. With the world economy still in a bleak situation and with the local economic conditions no different, it’s a positive step in helping students and their families access a Lasallian education.

However, I think that’s not all there is to it. Competition from other universities and colleges in the CALABARZON area has contributed to the adoption of this new payment scheme. Many are saying that the biggest local competitor to DLSUD is Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite Campus (LPU-Cavite) in Gen. Trias which has just recently opened a couple of years ago. With lower tuition fees compared to DLSUD coupled with the worsening economic conditions, families are finding ways to lower their expenses and these schools are attractive alternatives.

Students are not the only one looking for alternatives. I’ve heard consistent buzzwords from some DLSUD faculty that I know, even alumni, that LPU-Cavite is also aggressively headhunting teachers with a higher pay and a chance to be a pioneer at their new so-called “resort campus.” Day by day, I keep on seeing more LPU-Cavite students at local hangouts like SM Dasmariñas and even Walter Mart.

So what can DLSUD do to keep its students and faculty and attract new ones? Lowering the tuition and school fees would be a pipe dream and a dream it will remain. Improving its services (and it doesn’t mean more facilities per se) and academic excellence is a more doable option. But I know DLSUD will come through, as it has always had.

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  1. You may want to update this Blog, as De La Salle change their payment back to their old 40% initial payment leaving prospect students and current students nothing to be desired. They need to do something about this asap or this school will nowhere to go but down. Guaranteed!

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