DLSUD Enrolment: How to improve the process of checking open or closed subjects

It’s enrolment time in DLSU-D and just like in most government offices, the queues at every counter in the Administration/Registrar building is very much the same, long and chaotic.

The enrollment process is quite simple, well on paper at least.

  1. a student goes to his/her respective adviser, he either uses an Pre-registration or advising form and fills it up with the subjects he/she is going to take this coming semester.
  2. Once accomplished and signed by the Adviser/Department Head, he/she proceeds to the CBA building where the Pre-registration or Advising form is encoded into an official Registration Form.
  3. The student then proceeds to the Accounting Office to pay for the tuition, miscellaneous and other fees.
  4. Lastly, he/she proceeds to the Registrar’s office to have his/her enrollment and ID card validated.

This is the process for regular students – those who belong to a section block. But for irregular students is a bit different, albeit much harder.

After consulting with his/her respective adviser/department head on the subjects to be enrolled, he takes one step before going to the CBA building to have his/her advising form encoded and that is a visit to one of the computer kiosks around campus to see whether or not the subject he/she wishes to enroll in still has an open slot.

A problem caused by insensitive and thick-skinned students

And here is where another bottle neck and a source for a lot of stress happens. This step of the enrollment process gets little attention and supervision from the school administration.

Enrollment process bogged down by undisciplined students
Enrollment process bogged down by undisciplined students

Of course students queue up to use the PC kiosks to check whether the subjects they wish to enroll in are still open – still have open slots. Ideally, this would just take roughly ten minutes because it’s expected that any student who will be using the said PC kiosk already have the list of subjects and would just check the schedule and open slots available.

What’s really happening is that most students would spend at least 45 minutes using the PC kiosk because that’s where and when they would think of what subjects to take and which schedules to follow, usually according to their personal preferences.

It’s fine as long as there are only less then 20 students who are in line to use the PC kiosk, it’s a whole new story if there were like 30+ and in extreme cases, almost 100 students who are in line.

Such is the mind-set of the colonial monkey, social-climber and selfish elite.

This problem is made worse by insensitive and seemingly less-educated students who cut ahead of the line simply because the one who’s currently using the PC kiosk is a classmate, friend or even a relative of theirs. Most of the time, these thick-skinned students come in groups. So imagine how it all clogs up and bogs down this step of the enrolment process?

This is extremely unfair to the good students who diligently lined up to use the PC kiosk despite of the hunger, stress and time lost. Adding insult to injury, most of these students who cut ahead in the line are the ones who are lavishly dressed sporting the latest fashion.

They have the attitudes of b*tch*s and a**holes who think that they have more right in getting ahead because of what they wear or the kind of gadgets they have in hand or the brand of car they have parked outside. Such is the mind-set of the colonial monkey, social-climber and selfish elite. In Filipino we call them, “makakapal ang mga mukha”.

However, there is still hope, there is a solution to this problem. And my proposal are as follows:

  • The ITC must equip the PC kiosks with an ID scanner that reads the bar codes on every student ID here in DLSUD. Then the ITC must configure the PC or install a program that allows the PC to be used once a student scans his/her ID card. Something similar to what above-average Internet shops use to regulate the use of their PCs for rental.
  • Each student has a maximum of only 10 minutes to use the PC kiosk. Once the time is up, the PC will lock out the current user and the next student must scan his/her ID and the 10-minute usage clock is reset. With this, every student gets an equal access and fair usage of the PC kiosk because the line keeps moving. If a student wants to use the PC kiosk again, he/she must fall in line again to await his/her second turn.
  • Only one student can use the PC kiosk at a time. The Student Formatores or security guards must be stationed near the PC kiosk to maintain order.
  • No student can use someone else’s ID card to use or extend his/her time in using the PC kiosk. Lending your ID or borrowing someone’s ID card is a major offense in the Student Handbook.

This steps are doable and I believe the ITC is more than competent and capable to implement such a setup of the PC kiosks. With this system, every student gets a fair and equal chance to use the same facility we are all paying for. It removes a bottle neck in the enrollment process and makes the whole exercise much easier, more organized and less stressful for all of us students of DLSU-D.

If you have more suggestions or improvements to the process I’ve suggested, then share it please so that we could all make our university life much easier.

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