DLSU-D USC’s new tool: Dell Optiplex 320

When we took over the USC positions last May, one of the most saddening, troublesome and burdensome problem we faced was a broken computer which we inherited from the previous set of USC officers. There were two actually, but one was busted.

Being frugal as to not waste our fellow students’ money, we requested help from the ITC or Information Technology Center of DLSU-D to have a look at the broken down machine and if possible revive it to a working condition. Unfortunately, they were not able to do so. Instead they salvaged whatever parts that were still working and put it in the other one that is working, barely.

the new Dell PC of the USCWith that, it was decided to dispose of the old dead unit and request for a new unit from the Purchasing department. It was something that was way easier said than done. After filing the necessary paperworks and weaving through the bureaucracy, our request for a new desktop computer was finally approved. It was July back then, and all of us were excited to see and use the new unit as we expected to have it within the month or so.

Frustratingly, after nearly 3 months of waiting and making follow-up calls to the concerned despartments, the new unit was finally delivered to the USC office just a couple of weeks ago. The new rig is Dell Optiplex 320.

Oh what a beautiful thing to look at really. It was all black and shiny just begging for us to use it. Which is what the USC really needs for when you coordinate the various student activities throughout the University, having one computer is no laughing matter.

The Dell Optiplex 320 workstation has the following specs:

  • Intel Pentium D Dual Core @ 1.6GHz
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 160GB of hard drive SATA
  • ATI Radeon X300 graphics
  • Windows XP

Dell Optiplex 320Now these specs are based on CNET.com and I’m sure that the actual unit delivered to us will be a bit different. Nonetheless, it’s something that has created a new excitement in the USC office, a sense of assurance and relief that from now on, more work would be done in shorter span of time. If all goes well of course, but hey, we must continue striving for the best.

The sad part is, the unit still cannot be used because the ITC has not yet configured it to meet the ‘standards’ of the univeristy which includes: Windows XP, system restrictions, using Internet Explorer as the default and only browser (boo!), website filtering, LAN settings etc. So the new unit is just sitting there gathering dust and egging us to crave more for it to be used as soon as possible.

If requesting for a new computer took 3 months, I wonder how long it will take for the unit to be ready for usage? Again, filing necessary paperworks and weaving through the sometimes unecessary bureaucracy can hamper and really slow down the work of USC. In fact, the publication and release of the USC’s official paper, the PERIODICO is still in the drawing board all because the whole council is using one computer for all its paperwork needs. Which is a sad thing and it should not be so. Because for every delay in our work, is a delay in the delivery of services for our fellow students and a delay in meeting their needs.

I know that the ITC handles a quite a lot of IT-related jobs in campus, but shouldn’t the USC take precendence over some other concerns and priorities because it is the highest body of student organization and governance?

If someone from the ITC department down at the MAH building would happen to read this, we’re reminding them that the unit needs to be setup and running in the soonest time possible. Help us in serving our fellow students by doing our jobs properly, efficiently and swiftly.

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