DIY LEGO IR Remote for Nikon

Once you’ve become serious about your digital photography, it would be a smart thing to get yourself remote control for hands-off shooting like time-lapse, self-portraitures or long exposure shots.

When I got a tripod for my Nikon D40, the Nikon ML-L3 remote was the next logical thing to acquire. Sure it may be around $40, dirt-cheap compared to the other accessories for digital photography, there’s no stopping the geek in you to come out and have a say about it right?

Check this LEGO IR remote for Nikon dSLRs by KoZuEst:

LEGO Nikon IR Remote by KoZuEst

It’s a fully working IR remote for Nikon dSLRs inside that LEGO brick. It costs something around $7 and you can build yourself one by following the instructions over at Instructables.

What’s next? A Nikon dSLR made of LEGO bricks?

*Image by KoZuEst


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