Distraction free writing coming to WordPress 3.2

Zen Garden by Rennett StoweExcited for the next major release of WordPress? I am. Especially about one particular feature in the upcoming WP version 3.2 – distraction free writing that will replace the current full screen mode in writing new posts.

I’m sure you’d know by now that I have a penchant for distraction free writing apps as I’ve blogged quite frequently about it in the past. According to WordPress shaman Mark Jaquith:

“This is our headline “ooh, shiny” user feature. Replace our current fullscreen implementation with something more beautiful, more useful (in terms of line-length and font size), and simpler (only limited RTE functionality). Look at WriteRoom, OmmWriter, http://www.quietwrite.com/ for inspiration. Koop is investigating this, and may crank out a quick plugin to jump-start development efforts”

Which is a great move considering that in the previous major releases of WordPress, various plugins that have taken advantage of the new features that come along have almost added its own button or admin widget on the Write New post page which really adds to the clutter and distracts us bloggers from writing our posts with great focus.

I’m sure many WordPress users, even those who are fine without distraction free writing apps would appreciate this new feature. Other neat stuff WordPress 3.2 has in store would be a faster loading WP and a more precise and deliberate upgrading of core files.

How about you? What new features coming with WordPress 3.2 are you looking forward to?

Image by Rennett Stowe

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