Diarrhea…good or bad karma

ToiletTelling the origins of the [tag]Yakult[/tag] [tag]bacteria[/tag] and the reactions I get from my classmates always keeps me up. Drinking something that is full of bacteria that was first found in the poop of an infant has some amusing effects on the facial expressions of the weak-stomached. It is not strange really because many strains or kinds bacteria have been living inside our guts ever since our early evolution. Scientists are even saying that we may not be able to survive without them inside our bodies. It’s a symbiotic relationship, both parties are benefitting from each other.

However, I cannot help but think that the President recently suffering from [tag]diarrhea[/tag] is caused by [tag]karma[/tag]. Bad karma. The Filipino saying goes, “Makakarma ka din.” has taken effect. Why karma? [tag]Impeachment[/tag], rebellion, mass protests, all things she fought in a dirty downright dastardly way last year has now come back to haunt her, plus that “bum stomach.” The second round of the impeachment or round two, which the opposition has prepared for quite extensibly has begun, her all-out war policy against the “left” which pundits says is her last card in the poker game that is Philippine [tag]politics[/tag]. So the what’s the solution? Good karma, and being the desperately God-fearing Filipino that she is, the President visits the Pope in Rome bearing gifts…as offerings for blessings and protection? To ward off the calling of ‘Mang Doro’?

If there’s one person who needs protection, aside the President herself – from the threat of being impeached and booted out of her seat in Malacañang to end up in the gleaming porcelain ‘thinking chair’ – that other person is Pope Benedict XVI. Recall that before the late Pope John Paul II died, he was paid a visit by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo clad in a black dress with a matching veil as if she has just arrived or came to early as it turned out, to a funeral.

Pope John Paul II wasn’t the only public figure who has passed away shortly after encountering Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Fernando Poe, Jr. Raul Roco and former PCGG chair Haydee Yorac just to name a few. All like Pope John Paul II, were good men and woman of out time. So is the President suffering from bad karma or is she the bad karma?

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  1. Another interesting point is that in 2002, data from the NCSB factsheet says that in Cavite, the number cause of morbidity is diarrhea. I'm thinking again that the next time Gloria Daya-rhea Arrovo comes to visit Cavite we may not have to heckle her again, just give her something to eat or drink from the street foodcourts of Cavite and that just might do the job. hehehe

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