Datablitz website tagged as malware host by Google Chrome

Could this be an “aftershock” of the human error at Google which tagged every site in the Internet as malware last January 31, 2009? Upon visiting Datablitz’ website ( a few minutes ago, it was tagged by Google as a site that could harm my computer for it allegedly hosts some malware. Check the screen shot I took below:

Datablitz site tagged as malware

Datablitz site tagged as malware

I used Google Chrome because it’s my default browser, checked the same site using Firefox and no warnings appeared. Does that mean that Firefox uses a different process and reference to tell whether a website is dangerous for visitors or not?

Have you experienced the same thing using Google Chrome?


  1. You did not understand what the browser said. It says that ( contains elements from which was tagged that hosts malware. It DID NOT SAID that Datablitz hosts malware. Get it?


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