Cyber-shot or a Walkman phone?

This was an interesting question that was asked to me by Anel, one of the most hardworking and friendly USC scholars as we spent the afternoon talking and joking around the USC office with the other officers and members of hardworking committees.

His question again was; “Kuya, anong mas maganda: Cyber-shot o Walkman phone?

Obviously, he’s interested in getting a Sony-Ericsson phone when has saved enough money for it. To Anel, going for a Sony-Ericsson phone is good choice. Sure there are a lot of great phones by Nokia but almost everyone else has a Nokia phone.

More on that on a future post, let’s go back to Anel’s question. Judging from my past experiences not just with Sony-Ericsson phones (the K800 is my very first SE phone and I only had 4 phones in all my life) but also with mp3 players, my near-Spartan preference on usability and reading lots of blogs about mobile phones, I did not give Anel a straight answer, rather I laid down the basics of why one would choose either a Cyber-shot phone or a Walkman phone.

Cyber-shot phones are:

  • For digital photography novices and enthusiasts – a Cyber-shot phone is almost, if not the equivalent of most entry-level standalone digi-cams today all thanks to the years of experience and know-how of Sony in the field of digital photography. You can choose from the basic k550i at 2MP, to the mid-level K800 & K810i at 3.2MP to the latest upcoming K850i at 5MP the Cyber-shot collection is perfect for the digital photography enthusiasts or the plain camera whores.
  • No need for another imaging device – since your digi-cam is merged with your mobile phone, there’s no need to lug around another device though it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s one less device you have to worry about being stolen, lost or broken when you’re on the go.
  • More than a camera phone – it’s a photo-lab of sorts. Cyber-shot phones have built-in technologies to improve your photos and give it a professional touch. Image and Video Stabalizers, photo editing, various camera modes for the right lighting and conditions. Plus the basic connectivity options like Bluetooth, Infra-red and Internet are available to share your photos on the go.

Walkman phones on the other hand are:

  • For the music addict – everyone recognizes the Walkman brand from Sony, so the Walkman phones are media players to reckon with. It has powerful front speakers, can handle the 512MB Memory Stick Micro for 470 or so songs plus nifty music technologies to provide a better listening experience. It may not have the capacity of an iPod or a dedicated mp3 player, but can you or do you really listen to all 4,000 songs in a day?
  • It’s all in one device – this I highligthed before, no need to carry with you another mp3 player or even a fragile iPod nano, all the music you love to listen to are in the Walkman phone, along with your messages, emails, photos, contact numbers, organizer and games.
  • More than a music player – it’s your mobile beat box cum DJ turntable. It’s packed with nifty musci technologies like “Shake to shuffle” – just shake your Walkman phone to change the song. It’s also a personal trainer tracking how long you’ve jogged, how fast are you going and keeping it all in a progress chart.

But just like what Anel realized, it all boils down to your personal preferences. If you’re into digital-photography or camera-whoring take the Cyber-shot phone. If you want to wet your taste for music while on the go then pick any of the Walkman phones. Either way, Sony-Ericsson has phones to suit your every need and taste.

What you fellas? Which would you go for? A Cyber-shot phone or a Walkman phone? Or do you have other models from the other brands?

6 Replies to “Cyber-shot or a Walkman phone?”

  1. Well, I think I'll stick with my Sony Ericsson P1i for a long while (yikes, just got this last Sunday LOL). Yes, that's a good roundup, Jhay.

    To answer your question: how I wish SE would merge the two lines. I know it would be expensive, but I am always a believer of integration. =P

  2. yeah. I’d love to use S.E. cybershot phone since I love shooting pictures wherever I am, since I am using S.E. k800i, and had modified it, I don’t need anymore walkman phone, instead I’ve upgraded my acoustic driver for a better and louder sound quality plus more bass like in walkman phones, you may also want to read my post about this stuff @! :mrgreen:

  3. I used to have the best of both worlds. My Sony Ericsson W810i was both a great music phone and a capable camera phone.

    It was the only walkman phone from SE to sport a camera with autofocus. Too bad it got stolen.

    My replacement W850i was a better music phone but featured a less than stellar camera that worked good outdoors and fared poorly indoors.

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