Cyber-criminals moving from attacking PCs to Mobile Devices

It’s probably a relief that I still don’t have a smart phone yet. My trusty 4-year-old Sony Ericsson K800i is still working fine so the idea of upgrading to a smart phone has been easily pushed to the back burner since last year.

I say this is some relief, well for me, because reports are saying that cyber-criminals are now moving from attacking PC users to targeting smart phone users more as their numbers steadily increase. got hold of Cisco’s Annual Review for 2010 and drives home this point:

In what may be good news for Microsoft, if not for anyone else, cyber-criminals may be turning to other platforms to exploit and make money because the improved security in Windows 7 makes it “tougher” to “infiltrate” networks and applications and files, according to the report. “Having reached the Windows vulnerability ‘tipping point,’ they have moved on,” to other operating systems, services and mobile devices, the security team wrote in the report. Scams in 2010 targeted select groups of mobile users, such as customers of a specific bank or specific smartphone applications, the report found.

With the increasing trend of enterprises using mobile devices, there are “even more opportunities for intrusions and theft,” Cisco wrote.

Mobile device security would definitely be something to consider when I finally get a smart phone. So it’s more likely that we’re going to see the same security apps on mobile devices like firewalls, anti-malware/virus etc. as part of the ‘must-have’ apps in the near future.

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