Could HTC Make a Better iOS Handset?

HTC was never a handset make in the limelight until Android made its debut. Suddenly, they were one of the most popular handset manufacturers on the market, with models like the Wildfire and Desire HD flying off store shelves and receiving great reviews from the press.

The iPhone, while lauded as the world’s best smartphone by many a user, has also been plagued by a recent poor design choice for the iPhone 4’s casing, resulting in the phone losing signal when held in a normal, right-handed manner. Their solution? Pay more for a rubber case to go around the sleek metallic edges of the handset.

It’s arguable that this wouldn’t have happened with HTC, or indeed any other manufacturer, and iPhone sales are rising despite this hiccup. But perhaps one of the reasons Apple are reluctant to give iOS to handset devs isn’t because it’s theirs and theirs alone – perhaps it’s because there’s a chance a company like HTC could do a better job.

Keeping their operating systems exclusive to their own platforms has always been Apple’s modus operandi, and whether you’d like to use OSX or iOS to work or play Party Poker, it’s certain you’ll be paying through the nose for an Apple device unless you’re IT-savvy enough to get a Hackintosh set-up running.

There have been hoaxes, where individuals have created mock-ups of iOS running on a non-Apple device, but thus far, no one’s cracked it yet. This is primarily because Apple ensure that their operating systems work alongside specific hardware, which makes it harder for other devices to emulate the OS to a high standard.

Would we use a HTC iOS device? Probably – there’s no reason not to, and this goes for a wide range of makes, from Samsung to Nokia. But Apple’s OSX and iOS are their golden geese, so for now we’ll just have to wait, or splash out on a device fresh from the Steve Jobs production line.

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