Contributing to Environmental Graffiti

One of the reasons this main blog of mine has seen episodes of being idle for weeks on end is because apart from my busy offline schedule, I’ve been writing for a couple of other blogs.

As you may have noticed on my Facebook wall posts, I’ve been one of the bloggers for Tokyo-based The Diplomat specifically for the special coverage of the recently held May 10, 2010 National Elections. With me were Rep Mong Palatino of KABATAAN partylist, who’s also an editor for Global Voices Online, as the main contributor and marketing consultant Carlo Ople as a fellow contributor.

Now that elections are over and about to wrap up, our coverage at The Diplomat has scaled down. I thank all those who have read our posts over at The Diplomat, those who have joined in the conversation with their comments of course to our Editor, Jason Miks. Though we’d still be contributing a couple of more articles over the coming weeks, it has been a rewarding experience and I certainly look forward to more similar projects in the future.

But I guess I spoke to soon because just a couple of hours ago, my very first article on my new blogging gig has been published over at Environmental Graffiti. It’s a community-driven magazine focused on environmental news along the lines of extreme sports, conservation, art, freaky nature stories, bizarre and unbelievable creatures, you name it. Environmental Graffiti has got it covered.

So I invite all of you to head on to Environmental Graffiti and I’m pretty sure there’d be something that will tickle your environmental fancy.

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