Comments + Luv = CommentsLuv

Since last week, bloggers who have visited and shared comments on this blog has been asking me as to what plugin I’m using to display a link to their posts in their respective comments.

This is to make no pun, but the answer was right underneath their nose, rather right underneath the comments text field.

The plugin is called CommentLuv and it is a nice, if not perfect, companion to the DoFollow plugin also running underneath this blog.

What it does is quite simple, once a reader leaves behind a comment and is most likely a blogger too, the plugin follows the link specified in the URL field and if it finds an RSS feed related to that link, as is the case in every blog, it feeds off that RSS feed and posts a link to the latest post on that blog in the respective comment made by that particular blogger.

At present, it works with wordpress, blogspot, typepad and blogs that have a feedburner feed link somewhere on their page.

Add to this the cool features of the DoFollow plugin and voila! The comments field in every post in this blog is now an instant feed aggregator and link juice factory in the simplest manner. You share a comment, I instantly link back to your latest post. Provided that you do have a blog with a working RSS feed that is.

Big props to its maker Andy Bailey and of course to a good friend and fellow blogger Melai of Manilenya whose blog is where I first spotted the plugin in action.

Download it today, install it in your blog and give lots of link luv to your commenters.

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  1. Now that you've revealed the name of the plugin, I won't have to ask you anymore. Hehe 😀

    At first I thought the one who made that link display was the person who left the comment but when I saw that all comments had it I knew it had to be a plugin. It's really cool and a good incentive for readers and commentators. I'll try to add this plugin later. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Its true, going do follow and installing luv comment would certainly help increase traffic in your blog. I did it for my blog, and traffic increased 3folds! Amazing isn it. I'm sure you'll be a great success!

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