Chrome Shorts – Google promotes Chrome on YouTube

As reported by, Google rarely advertises its directly advertises its products. When it does, people certainly notices them. The latest of which is a collection of short clips highlighting the features of its own browser, Google Chrome.

The web giant commissioned indie illustrators and creative shops to make the shorts, all 11 videos of it and placed it on its own YouTube channel, Google Shorts.

Here’s my favorite clip “Evolution of Short” by Pantograph:

Simplicity is just beautiful! There are ten other short clips with a diverse take on presenting the neat features of Chrome. It’s quite impressive that none of the clips had made mention of any of Chrome’s competitors, perhaps it’s a way to avoid the “ad-wars” between Apple and Microsoft.

Nonetheless, the clips does a good job of getting more attention for Google Chrome which according to reports, is still way behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox in terms of market share.

The biggest culprit is the lack of support for plugins and extensions which have become one of Firefox’s strongest selling points. I know many of my friends have been impressed by Chrome but stuck with Firefox because they simply couldn’t browse normally with their choice of extensions.

I on the other hand, have switched to Chrome as my default browser for it does a very good job of browsing the web without taking too much system resources that slow down my machine, which is what I really want in a browser.

However, there’s still great hope because the Chrome team are hard at work in bringing extensions-support to Chrome. When this happens, things will certainly look interesting in the browser wars.

What do you think of the Chrome Shorts? Do you already have a favorite clip?


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