Celebrating National Volunteers’s Month in DLSU-D

Designated as the National Volunteers’ Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 55, December is a big month for us Lasallian volunteers, not only because it’s Christmas season but more importantly, it’s during this month that nation officially celebrates the spirit of volunteerism & service. This if further strengthened by the Volunteer Act of 2007 or R.A. 9418 which promotes the participation of various sectors of the public and the government in doing volunteer work and fostering the spirit of volunteerism.

That’s why at DLSU-D, the various student-volunteer organizations will gather today to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism, of the Lasallian kind. Volunteers from SERVE, LS Verde, Campus Peer Ministers, ROTC Officers, University Peer Counsellors’ Group, ULFO Volunteers, and the Friends of the Library will kick off the celebrations by offering a Holy Mass today at the University Chapel. This would be followed with a silent march in protest of the Maguindanao Massacre and to express our demands of justice for the victims.

To highlight our message, the Advocacy program of SERVE has put together a simple yet powerful slideshow about the gruesome tragedy;

After our silent march on campus grounds, we will all proceed to the Severino De Las Alas Hall for the program proper where all the volunteer organizations could get to know one another much better, share the best practices we have and plan for future joint activities to further our goals and missions, and to show the community that spirit of volunteerism is very much alive and is at work for their development.

Watch for photos and stories of the event.

Mabuhay ang mga Lasalyanong Boluntir! Mabuhay ang diwa ng bolunterismo!

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