Setup Globe Broadband with D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G Router

I’ve been getting a lot of queries on how I setup my Globe Broadband connection to power my simple home wireless network. Well, I’ll share how I did it today. First off, some reminders and warnings of sorts. I’m not a computer networking professional nor have I received any formal training in setting up computer … Read more

Rizal and the Valley Golf fiasco

The discussion has toned down a little but the mainstream media is still echoing the uproar of the local blogosphere on the Valley Golf fiasco and about how bloggers have rallied to the side of the dela Paz family after learning that they have been beaten to a pulp by the DAR secretary and his … Read more

Hoping for an Eraserheads Concert Part 2 (but only after Ely Buendia is 100% OK)

Ely Buendia deserves all the credit he can get. Despite his health and emotional condition, he pushed on with the concert, “tuloy ang Ligaya” ika nga. The other E-heads members also deserve big, big props for still pushing through with the concert despite all the controversies beforehand and of course to all four band members for giving the audience an awesome first set.

Join the Philippine Blog Carnival: Manila, My Manila

Tell your stories about the City of Manila; experiences, favorite places, food, people, anything about the city. Blog about it, use photos, make a short video or podcast. As long you are a Pinoy or Pinay who has a blog and have something to contribute, you’re very much welcome. This Phil. Blog Carnival edition will be posted on June 28, 2008. So hurry, join now.

The Banana Gangbang Rock Fest: Good beer, sweet place, awesome bands, face-melting music

Testing…testing. 1..2..3. Finally my blog is live and fully functioning on its new host which means yes, I switched hosts again, I’ll blog about it later on but right now I’ll share my side of how The Man-Blog’s 1st Banana Gangbang Rock Fest like how I described it in this post’s title. Good beer and … Read more