Catching up on Mission Impossible

A few days ago, my wife and I saw again Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol on HBO. She was so hooked into it, she wanted to watch the earlier three films.

While watching Ghost Protocol, she asked me why wasn’t I fond of the Mission Impossible franchise? In all honesty, I told her that for some unclear reason, it never grew or rubbed on me that Mission Impossible is a must-watch movie.

It’s not that the movie sucks, on the contrary, it’s one of biggest action film franchises in Hollywood. I’d easily describe it as America’s answer to Britain’s James Bond of which I am a real fan.

And that’s probably why I am neutral towards Mission Impossible, I grew up watching more Bond films than seeing each and every installment of Mission Impossible as they were released that when I saw bits and parts of it, (Ghost Protocol is the only film I saw in its entirety) I cannot help but stack it up against a Bond film.

So, after grabbing a copy of the first three Mission Impossible films, we’ve set up a movie date night to watch each one.

Last night, we saw Mission Impossible II which was released back in 2000. This is the installment that I am more familiar with because Limp Bizkit contributed a kick-ass song based on the films’ signature beat to its soundtrack, Take a look around.

It was also then that I remember seeing at least half of the film on HBO a few years ago because I distinctly recalled the motorcycle chase scene near the end of the movie. I knew it was directed by John Woo because of the way Ethan Hunt swirled around, ala-Kung Fu style, before he shot his gun at the enemies. That’s signature John Woo action directing.

I have yet to see Mission Impossible III but so far, Ethan Hunt’s adventures are fun to watch and there are indeed some brilliant moments in the films. At this point, I would dare say that no one has topped John Woo’s work in Mission Impossible II and that the producers should keep this in mind when they start working on Mission Impossible 5.

Now relax, this blog post will not self-destruct in 5 seconds.

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