Capo at Stonehouse Star Tavern

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to test how far my health has recovered by going to see the band of my best friend in their first-ever mini-concert. It was worth risking having a relapse of flu all over again because Bogs, my best friend and lead vocals of Capo, has been my best friends since we were little kids. We go way way back. High school days was the golden age of our friendship and it is what has kept the bonds between us today.

Being a successful musician or music artist has always been a dream for Bogs, we knew it was going to be his destiny, and nowadays it’s becoming a reality. From the channels of YouTube to guestings at Pinoy Big Brother, Breakfast and Y Speak, to the stages of the various clubs and bars in the Metro, Bogs and Capo has been making it good in the local music scene.

Last Friday was another great step forward in their journeys to musical greatness, it may not be the biggest event in Manila, but it sure was a great event for all of them and to their growing crowd of followers and fans.

The event was dubbed “Moon songs: a night of enchanting and soulful music” and organized by double 10 events. Enchanting and soulful indeed it was. The venue and the ambiance was near-perfect. It was set on the rooftop of Stonehouse and everyone was being serenaded by the music of each of the talents that joined Capo, the clear night sky gave way for the moon to shine in all its glory.

I arrived there at Stonehouse which was located at E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City with my good friends Sheena and Cherrisse after chasing after taxi after taxi back in Lawton area. The event was supposed to start at 8pm but during that time we were stuck without a ride at SM Manila. I really need to save up on getting my own car, but that’s in like 10 years from now. Going back, we arrived there an hour late but just right in nick of time, because the show was just about to actually start.

Being on the guest list of one of the performers, we were treated to a front row spot, not tables though, but a cosy, feel-at-home floor mats accented with candle-lit paper bags. We settled down and set our gaze and ears on the stage as each artist performed with their hearts, talents and soul. It was a night of great music from great artists that are just waiting for their big break in the local music scene. After hearing them perform live, I know that they will have that big break and it could be sooner than anyone present that wonderful night expects.

Aside from treating my self to a great time and good original Pinoy music, it was an opportunity to field test my not so good photography skills and the limits of my Sony Ericsson K800i. It’s 3.2 megapixel camera, auto-focus, nightshot and image stabalizer features were really pushed to their limits as I took snap shots of each performance. A few of them I share below.

The remains of the fries we had and the ticket. The smoke is not mine for I do not smoke. Seriously.

Here’s Camille on the keyboards, her voice was sweet and she sang a wonderful rendition of ‘Runaway’ by the Corrs.

Here’s The Modes in action. These band can perform, and perform good they can.

It’s Fatima and she really drew in the crowd with her voice.

A surprise for the night was a guest performance by Goeff from Pinoy Dream Academy. (I forgot his last name though, wasn’t much of PDA fan, or any talent search on TV)

And of course, it’s Capo with by best friend Bogs leading the act.

Here is Capo’s bassist Momar, percussionist Yum, and lead guitarist Lee making good music.

Bogs joins Girl Valencia in a duet. She can sing, her voice is just so beautiful and powerful, reminds me a lot of Bayang Barrios actually, and she has her album out.

Here’s the show’s host Sam proving to the crowd and silencing her critics that she can sing, and she does that wonderfully.

Finally, here’s my friends, Sheena, Cherrisse and Roger.

Of course a shot of all of us, including me in the background. I know, but to be honest I’m not one for the cameras, I prefer to be behind them. LOL

Here’s a video of Capo’s medley shot with the K800i which explains its video quality, still it’s quite good.

The rest of the photos could be seen in my Picasaweb Album because my limited Flickr is now asking me to pay for more features while Zooomr is giving me a headache to get it going my way. Anothere video can also be seen in my YouTube channel. (Finally I get to say that. lol)

Moon songs were a great success and a wonderful achievement for Capo, their fellow artists and the producers. Congratulations to all of you, thank you for that wonderful night and I look forward to attending another one real soon.

This concludes the filler-arc of posts while I try to reorganize my self and go back to my normal workflow. Regular geeky, tech-related posts would resume tomorrow. See you all then and have a great weekend!

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