Can you blame the weather man?

Yesterday’s [tag]weather[/tag] was short of a [tag]tropical storm[/tag] blowin in our country. Dark heavy clouds and strong gusts of wind bathed the scene yesterday and it continued well into the night. For the third straight night, I slept with the electric fan off and the blanket wrapped neatly around my body. However, things are different this morning, as I speak..err..write this post my underarms and palms are sweating a bit due to the warm and sunny wheather we’re having on this corner of the country. “Ang panahon nga naman, parang babae, pabago-bago ng isip.”

One day it’s all hot and sunny, the next it’s dark and stormy. It’s really hard sometimes to adjust to this kind of weather especially if your mind is burdens a ton of school works to finish, a pile of unfinished but addicting books to read, a computer that has got you hooked on [tag]blogging[/tag], a dirty room to clean up and that pile of the week’s laundry reminding you that if there are things modern [tag]technology[/tag] has yet to revolutionize, among them is dirty clothes that need washing.

This stress, at the point where it becomes too much to cope with becomes a bedseed for more troubles and headaches…literally. Then here comes the weather suddenly changing its mood and usually in contrast to your own-mood, clothing style of the day, activities and yes your hairdo. You could’ve sworn it was bright and sunny when you left home or the dorm but when you arrived at the university gates its all chaos and pandemonium as the skies bombard the other hapless mortals like you with cold harsh water that’s bound to make a mess of you…again literally. You scamper from the jeepney and run like hell to the nearest shelter while hopelessly dodging the barrage of liquid drops some kids say that the tears of God or Angels and even their piss, much like Capt Miller and the other Rangers who landed on Omaha beach on D-Day.

When you do get to safety, usually a shed crowded with the others like you who are tired, haggard and dripping wet. Soon the adrenaline goes down and your bodies release the excessive heat to keep you warm but now that you’re in crowded space with little air circulation despite the strong howling winds out in the street, it could be unpleasant to your nose. Pawis at init ng katawan, iba’t-ibang deodorant, pabango at colonge pagsama-samahin mo at talagang tatakpan mo ilong mo.

Then you’ll remember a little fact you heard in ecology class that will definitely make things worse than it already is: when it is cold, the air tends to sink down to the ground and along with it the different scents and odors now emanating from the wet, steamy and irate crowd you’re in. So with your nose closed by your wet hanky or fingers, and breathing through your mouth, curses, damnations and foul words swirl through your mind creating a storm of its own. “Lecheng ulan! Bad trip talaga oh!

Soon, you realise that you’re no longer cursing in your thoughts. The curses and foul words of frustration and irritation now ring through the crowd you’re in. Nagsimula nang ngumawa ang mga basang sisiw. All of this cries of seeming injustice on mother nature’s part will be ended with one swift phrase of the following variations; “Bakit kasi hindi ka nagdala ng payong?” “May payong ka ba?” “Sh*t! Naiwan ko payong ko sa dorm!” “Sabi ko sa iyo magdala ka ng payong eh!” I’m sure you get the picture, and I’m also sure you’ve been in one before, all of us have.

Since we are now in the sense of remembering things, I’d like to remind you that for every night of the week, for a short two to three minutes something so common and so taken for granted gets shown on television everywhere around the world: the [tag]weather report[/tag].

You could also thank the evolution of early morning television shows nowadays that not only include your early dose of daily national gossip but also your quintessential yet undervalued weather report. These short minutes-only broadcasts with a man standing in front of a global map waiving his hands around trying to tell you that you should bring an umbrella when you go out today. Had you only paid more attention and actually followed the man’s advice, you wouldn’t be wet, sweaty, smelly, and stuck in a crowd today or during that past fateful day when you cursed the skies and blamed weather men the world over for the sudden change in the your fortunes.
As for my last reminder, a quote by Prince Hector from the movie Troy; “The gods bless you in the morning, and they curse you in the afternoon.”

6 Replies to “Can you blame the weather man?”

  1. ha ha ha! experienced the same thing! lalo na pagpasok mo sa jeep at lahat kayo basa sa ulan tapos nakababa iyong plastik na takip sa bintana ng jeep… eeewwww!!! bigla mong mare-realize na bakit ka ba huminga pa nang malalim??

  2. I'm glad to hear you have the lovely weather as we have in Scandinavia for the time being. Thanks for visiting my blog and I wish you a happy Sunday:-)

  3. unpredictable weather,huh.

    i can imagine the scene.naranasan ko nang maraming beses yan sa pinas.
    dito rin,parang babae kung magpalit ang panahon,hehe,just what u said.
    just take care that you wont catch a cold.

    dito nmn,naka sleeveless ka dahil sa init,in the afternoon,kelangan mo ng light jacket dahil giginawin kung wala kang jacket,manginig ka na lang ..he he..

    ok,palamigin mo na ang mainit mong ulo.:)

  4. To date, I am amazed at the way Pinoys would ignore the weather report warnings of scattered showers and only to be disgusted later on if caught in the rain without any umbrella or raincoat.

    I'm also amused at what they often use as cover from gushing rain — a manila envelope, a pocket book, a page off a daily broadsheet, plastic garbage bag, a Jolibee take-out plastic bag, or a banana leaf. And I'm talking about both men and women, not just some of the men whose machismo is threatened if caught using an umbrella.

    In a country with only two distinct seasons — wet and dry, one would expect that the Pinoys would've already turned coping with rain into an art form.

  5. @ sasha: Kaya ayokong sumakay ng jeep kapag puno na. Nag-aabang talaga ako ng maluwag, kasi nga kapag ikaw ang huling sumakay, para bang pumapasok ka sa loob ng isang sauna bath, at hindi nakarelax ang maaamoy mo. hehehe

    @ RennyBA: It’s so nice to have clear weather again, thanks for the visit.

    @ ghee: Haay…Nakakaasar talaga ang panahon minsan. Pero natuto na akong makibagay, ang pinaka-ayaw ko talaga ay ang magkasipon. Mas gugustuhin kong magkaroon ng trankaso kaysa sa sipon.

    @ eric: I guess it is due to some foreign influences or the fashion gurus in the country, are plain nuts, again, focusing on the bright sunny tropical weather we have and completely forgetting about the cruel storms.

    @ karmi: May pagkakataon na natutuwa ako kapag umuulan o may bagyo, malamig kasi at natatapos ko ang mga librong binabasa ko kasi hindi pwedeng lumabas. Yun lang talaga, ayoko umuulan kapag may pasok.

  6. share ko lang po.. hehehe.. nung umuwi ako ng pinas noong mayo, may bagyo nun diba? nakalimutan ko lang ung pangalan.. pero kahit may bagyo, umalis pa rin kami ng aking irog at nagpunta ng tagaytay.. kahit na muntik na kaming ma-istranded, ok lang.. pasaway diba? hehehe

    iba talaga ang panahon ng pinas.. naalala ko pa nga nung nagaaral pa ako, everytime na sinasabing suspended ang klase, biglang nawawala ung ulan.. sobrang init na buong araw.. di ko tuloy alam kung nangaasar ba ang panahon eh….

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