Can USC/CSC Officers become officers of other student organizations?

Students' Week Opening 2007Student-leaders in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas are amongst the most dedicated, committed and tireless bunch you can find. In practice and most often than not, student council officers are also officers in other student organizations within the university. Others still are also active in civic organizations off-campus.

They juggle academics, extra-curricular activities and their personal lives which gives them the experience of how to become responsible, resourceful and creative. However, just like young adults still growing up, their boundless enthusiasm and eagerness to become involved gets out of control and pretty soon one or more of their obligations becomes neglected. Much to the detriment of the organization, its members and the student-leader himself.

Worse, academic performance suffers to the point that student-leaders lose sight that the reason they entered the university is to earn a degree. Becoming involved in student activities are just secondary, the add-ons that give spice and color to college life.

Just like any other university, DLSU-D has seen its fair share of student-leaders taking on too much tasks and responsibilities than they can handle. This was one of the problems the members of the 2007 Students’ Constitutional Convention sought to remedy when they inserted a provision that expressly forbids incumbent University and College Student Council officers from becoming officers in other student organizations.

Section 4, d of Article VII of the 2008 Constitution of the University Student Council describes it as the holding of an incompatible office:

holding incompatible office. Holding any executive position in other student groups shall be deemed incompatible.

The 2008 USC Constitution does not only forbid holding an incompatible office, it also names it as one of the grounds for impeaching a USC/CSC officer!

So an officer has two choices; first, if he or she is already an officer of a student organization upon taking office as an officer of the USC or CSC is to resign the previous position and focus on being a student council officer. Second, if he or she so chooses for whatever reasons, is to resign immediately his or her position as a student council officer in order to remain an officer of a student organization.

It’s one or the other, never both at the same time. Just as one cannot serve two masters at the same time. Some would argue they could, but the 2008 USC Constitution would not allow it. Serving on the student council is a noble and higher calling which rightfully deserves a student-leader’s full attention.

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