Buying a new computer – laptop or desktop?

A cousin of mine, who’s currently a Computer Science freshman student has been meaning to buy a computer in the coming weeks has asked me a crucial question:

“Kuya, should I get a laptop or desktop PC?”

My answer was, “It depends on your needs.” Allow me to elaborate basing on my many years of using the personal computer, having started on a desktop PC and using a laptop computer at present.

Keyword is: Mobility

If you need to have a computer on-the-go whether be it for accessing email, writing, blogging, creating presentations, spreadsheets, doing some graphics work, etc for most of the time you’re awake then you go buy a laptop.

This could be broken down into what you’re mobile for?

If you need to have easy internet access for doing email, writing, blogging, listening to your mp3 collection where ever you are then get a netbook. The Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire One, Lenovo IdeaPad S9/10, HP Mini Note and a host of other netbooks out there would do just fine. The price would easily fit your budget and your body would be spared from lugging around a heavier full-sized laptop.

For heavy graphics works, sound or movie editing, desktop publishing on-the-go, then get one of those full-sized laptops, like the Compaq c756TU I bought last May. Be prepared to shell out a lot more cash for this class of machines and don’t forget to get a nice bag to carry it around with you, something that will not take a lot on your body and provide good protection for your laptop.

If your needs are the opposite of those mentioned above, meaning you don’t need to do all of those where ever you are in the world, right there and then, go get a desktop PC instead. You could set it up any way you can, as long as you can afford it, and you don’t have to worry about carrying something valuable with you where ever you go.

I know you guys have an answer for this question as well. Do share them and help out not only my cousin, but anyone else who is also grappling with the same question.

2 Replies to “Buying a new computer – laptop or desktop?”

  1. I totally agree with your answer. Just a few things.

    Since he's a Computer Science student he might need a powerful laptop/desktop for processor intensive programming and other things a ComSci student does. He'll also need some mobility to do things wherever he is. Doing ComSci assignments, projects will be boring if he's just at home. Well that's just me since I loved doing my projects on coffee shops and other places.

    So for me, I'd go with a laptop and a MacBook is highly recommended 😀

  2. I agree with carlo, he needs a high end laptop or desktop pc. During my first 2 years in college, i used desktop and do my machine problems at home but after that I switched to notebook because of the mobility.

    go for laptop, yong powerful para di ka tamarin mag-code. And mas madali kapag may projects para madali idala sa school 😀

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