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Thanks to search engines, knowledge and information have become more accessible to the public. Of course, all those knowledge and information did not come from no where. They were created by smart, knowledgeable, skilled and talented persons from all fields of studies who have found the internet an excellent place to share exactly what they know or what their studies have revealed.

As a result, article submission websites have been put up to pool, organize and make it more convenient for the public searching for information on automotive, business & finance, computer & technology tutorials, health & fitness know-how, home & garden advice and pretty much anything else, to reach and use this immense resource of information. In this post, we’ll take a close look at one particular article submission website.

A refreshing new resource


I’ve been asked to review one such website, Web Articles Directory which provides howto’s, tutorials and information about many topics.

My first impression of Web Articles is that it has a great and refreshing look. It sports a Web 2.0 design which something that we’ve come to love and accept as the norm today. A departure from the dull, over-minimalist and text-choked design of most other article submission and directory websites. Well organized layout and warm color and scheme readers, article writers would find the site pleasing and enticing to use.

Article submission with a twist

We’ve come to know of article submission and directory websites a place for SEO, where articles are stuffed with keywords sometimes you’d find yourself constantly saying those words and prhases as if you were hypnotized to say so.

Web Article changes that and just want to make a good information resource for their visitors. That’s why they call themselves a “how-to” site. Which is a good thing because we readers want good information not good SEO. This would also be a good aspect for article writers who are not so keen on SEO and would just like to write articles packed with good and useful information.

Submitting those good how to articles is so easy it’s like attaching a file, your article in this case, to an email. This is done in four easy steps thanks to their simple and straight-forward article submission form. You don’t even need to sign-up for an account! Just fill in the form with your name, your email address, your article’s title and upload your article which could come in either .doc or .html format, and that’s it! You’ve just contributed your good article to Web Article and as soon as it gets approved, it’s available for the public to read and use.

The website may be young as there are to date 352 submitted articles since November 2007, but it is an opportune time for writers and even bloggers since they will be part of the pioneering group of ‘experts’ that will fill the site with good how to’s and tutorials that will be of great help to everyone.

Visit Web Articles and check out their how to articles or better yet, submit your own.

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