Bomb Alarm Clock

Summer is here in the Philippines and by this time, most schools have already gone into summer vacation, meaning for most students, there’s no reason to get up early in the morning for the next two months.

For those who have work and would have summer classes, the struggle of getting up early still goes on. The number one weapon in our arsenal is the alarm clock, which due to mobile phones, is no longer necessarily a clock itself.

But that didn’t stop clock makers from being creative with their new alarm clocks. Take this awesome piece of time gadgetry for example:

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock
Relax, it's not a real bomb

It’s Danger Bomb Alarm Clock from Japan and behaves exactly like a bomb in waking up sleepyheads the world over, sans the big explosion because it is not a real bomb.

When the time you set for it to alarm draws near, it starts a countdown letting you know that it will explode in 10 seconds, which is the time needed for you to defuse it. Failure to do so, like disconnecting the wrong wire, the bomb alarm clock will give out a loud exploding noise over and over and won’t stop no matter what.

You diffuse the bomb alarm clock by disconnecting the right wire that matches one of the glowing LEDs on the front. Awesome isn’t?

You can get this bomb alarm clock for $34.99 via ThinkGeek.

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