Blogparteeh07 postscripts

This was supposed to be posted last night or earlier this morning but the crappy Globelines broadband connection has delayed this up to this point. *sighs*

Anyways, the blogparteeh07 was great! The rush from school to the venue was well worth it. Meeting some of the renowned bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere, live in person was just awesome. I even got the chance to sit and talk with GMA New Media team that was captured in photo! πŸ˜€

Among the bloggers I met and got time to chat, eat and laugh around with were Major Kontrapelo, Jozzua, Noemi, Ederic, Ade Magnaye and JC Cuneta.

Let’s see if I recall the things we talked and laughed about during the blogparteeh07.

Believe it or not, I’m just in my early 20’s

Randy of told me that he had the impression that I was a guy already in his 40’s because of the way I write and the topics I write about. Is my writing that serious? πŸ˜‰

Has anyone bought the ‘’ domain yet?

It’s true that the Pinoy blogging community has started to come of age and that Pinoys are making a bigger impact not just in the blogging world but in the online world as a whole. MSM has started to give us more attention, coverage and has even opened up doors of opportunities because we are a force to reckon with. Now that the midterm elections are coming up, bloggers could once more grab the spotlight by providing a whole new perspective, method and culture of covering the senatorial and congressional elections in May.

A new local internet exchange is good, but a new cable would be awesome!

I finally got to meet Noisy noisy man Ade Magnaye in person and he wasn’t that monstrous or physically revolting as commonly thought. In fact, you’d never expect such a fine looking man to be that retarded in the blogosphere. And no, he doesn’t have man-boobs, unless he has devised an ingenious way of hiding them just for the blogparteeh07. Anyways, we talked about blogger’s block and how it has been dreadful for both our blogs. In my case, it was worsened by the crappy Globelines broadband connection I’m experiencing since the Taiwan earthquake. I mentioned to him that Innove is part of an consortium aiming to setup a new ‘open’ Internet exchange in the country. It will definitely help us improve traffic for locally-hosted sites but since a great majority of the sites Pinoy netizens are visiting are overseas, a new submarine cable is definitely a better solution. Pray that the big telcos and even the government is reading this post right here.

Looking for the first ‘e-politician’

Since the aim of the blogparteeh07 is to prove that there is a community behind the Philippine blogosphere, and that Pinoy bloggers are indeed a force to reckon with, Gameshogun JC Cuneta and I wondered what if a candidate included some internet-related or important program in his platform? Like pushing for cheaper internet access, laying down a new cable for the country, etc. would the blogging community support him? Would we be tapped by the candidates to give them that online edge in the campaign or would we be some sort of watch-dog for the coming election and even an alternative source of election news, opinion, stories even results? We Pinoy bloggers are just among those who are in the right position to jump start a healthy and lively online political culture in our country.

There were lots of other topics, ideas and stories we talked about at the blogparteeh07. We were even optimistic in landing a blogging stint with the renowned b5media blog network. Overall, it was a great party and I’m sure the next one would be better and bigger.

Of course many, many thanks to the sponsors of the party especially Carlo of My Journal Philippines and Enthropia for the prizes, freebies, and food I went home with. I look forward to that next event so until then, see you all again!

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  1. Hi Jhay. I think you are one of the persons I wasn’t able to mingle with last Saturday. I do hope that bloggers will take advantage of this tool to monitor, observe, and voice concerns on the forthcoming election.

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