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BloglinesIt seems that I’m not the only one experiencing some problems and weird things with Bloglines as even ProBlogger Darren Rowse has also noticed them in the last 24 hours. Lucky him, I’ve been noticing some problems and bugs in Bloglines since last week.

Folder would indicate there are items I haven’t checked out but when I do, they are empty. For the past three days, I thought everyone in my blogroll has taken a break from blogging all at the same time because Bloglines has not shown any updates from them. Curious enough, I directly accessed one of my daily reads and to my surprise, I’ve missed three posts already! The same goes for the rest of the blogs to which I subscribed with Bloglines.

Sure these problems are just minor bugs but since I’ve been bearing with them for almost a week now, it has started to disrupt my RSS reading rituals and my blogging cycle. What’s up with Bloglines nowadays anyway? I dumped my other RSS managers only to end up with these problems and bugs? Alas there is still hope for ProBlogger Darren Rowse has pointed me to this little message from the guys at Bloglines:

“We are aware that some users have been seeing inaccurate counts on their subscription lists. This is related to the maintanance we performed Wednesday, August 3rd which included upgrades to our databases. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of data we store, many of the systems are taking a few days to catch up with work. There is no loss of data or functionality, but the sheer size of the synchronization is causing the inaccuracies in count to occur. We are working to speed up the synchronization and remove this bottleneck from the system in the future. In the meantime, we apologize for this inconvenience and disruption to your Bloglines reading rituals.”

I just hope they fix this very very soon. My RSS reading rituals are about to break down completely. Otherwise, it looks like I’m going to have to resurrect my Google Reader and Kinja guide.

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  1. Just download an RSS reader extension for FireFox like Sage. It's a much lesser hassle, I promise, although you do need to have yourbookmarks kept online just in case. 😉

  2. @ ade: I tried Sage once. I'm using it as a back-up RSS reader. I switched to Bloglines because of the additional functionalities, like managing my links and stuf.

    @ eric: You mean you're having troubles viewing my blog with Explorer? I'm using IE right now to write this comment and everything seems to be fine on my end. Could you tell me more about your troubles?

    @ vonjobi: I'm a blogaholic indeed. But I also use Bloglines to keep up with the sites that I use as reference for school work and volunteer research. It's getting quite frustrating with all this bugs in Bloglines. I just hope they fix it soon.

    @ schumey: Really? Haven't checked out my F1 news sites yet. I'll look into it. I never really liked the Hungarian GP, I find the circuit and venue sort of boring. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I don't have to worry much if I can't access any site, cause i don't know much to do anyways, but so far only MLQ and sometimes Ellen Tordesillas give me troubles. This AM I called Dell again, because I believe I removed my display drivers by accident, and I just quite lucky Dell has really wonderfull Tech support and the its technicians have the patience of the nuns even for forever amateur like me. The reason why i took an extended warranty. Just love to bug them all, same with my ISP..

  4. I’ve learned to use a Google Gadgets RSS reader for some random stuff like news and updates (the Gadget automatically picks up RSS feeds accoreding to how frequently I visit sites/blogs).

  5. @ cheH: Indeed. But I just hope it happens again in the distant future, not now that I’m quite reliant on my RSS subscriptions for my school and research work.

  6. @ jangelo: Is that part of Google Desktop? I removed mine last year since it caused some troubles with my PC. Maybe I'll give it another try, but for now Bloglines seems to be behaving well. I haven't noticed any bugs in the last 18 hours.

    @ vic: Exactly! Whenever I try to check the link for MLQ3's blog, a totally different blog comes up, "Jacobis" was it? I'm not sure, but it was really really weird.

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