Blogging reflections: What is my blog about?

This kind of post is usually written everytime a blog celebrates it’s anniversary. Since I missed blogging about The Four-eyed Journal’s first year anniversary on domain last June, I figured now would be the best time to do it, plus a lot more.

Besides, it since the probloggers have been blogging about the same theme and one of them tagging me, the more logical and timely this blog reflection post should be made.

First off, ChrisG challenged me to ask you my dear readers about a few questions basic to this blog. His challenge is for me to take a look back and think about why I’m blogging and what is this blog about?

Second, ProBlogger Darren Rowse reminds us bloggers to help our readers understand some of the most basic info or know-how about our blog.

Third, and I think it is a good wrap-up, our very own Pinoy problogger Yuga asks tru a poll of the week, “How long have I been blogging?

But hold on, wouldn’t it be interesting if I take up those calls in a reverse order? Let’s find out shall we?

So how long have I been blogging?

As far as I can remember, the very first time I dabbled into blogging was back in my freshman year of college. It was 2003 and blogging was completely new to me. I signed up for a account after being interested at the idea of beig able to publish my ideas, thoughts and other what-nots in the world wide web. Politics, activism and being satirical were the themes of my very first blog posts back then.

Since no one was making comments let alone reading my published essays and highschool paper columns, I quickly lost interest and went into online gaming instead. (Oh those were the days, 😛 )

It was back in 2005 that my interest in blogging really picked up again all thanks to a good friend, mentor and fellow activist who encouraged me to start writing again. Like the very first time; activism, politics, social issues were the themes for my new blog of which I bought my very first domain for. Thus, The Four-eyed Journal was born.

My blogging later expanded into geeky stuff like the internet, computers, gadgets, science and health and pop-culture. This trend has continued through to this day.

Now blogging on a domain, I’ve been blogging at The Four-eyed Journal for more than 2 years now. If I were to include that very first blogger account I had, it would be a total of 4 years. Wow! Time sure does fly.

So how do you handle this blog?

Now that you know the story of how this blog came to be, you could be interested in returning here to check out what’s new and what’s happening.

You could either bookmark this blog on your web browser (the oldschool Ctrl+D) or better still, add my RSS feed to your feed reader. Aside from the link I gave earlier, you could find the RSS subscription links at the end of this post, or at the top of the sidebar. If you prefer to recieve my hottest and latest articles straight into your email inbox, you could do so by typing in your email address at the form on top of the sidebar. Worry not, for I will not spam you. Promise! :mrgreen:

This way, you could read immediately the latest posts I’ve written which I hope will do you something good, or help you in some way or another.

If what I write tickles your thoughts or provokes you to do or say something, don’t fret, don’t be shy just let me know by writing them down in the comments form below. I welcome and enjoy comments as long as they are appropriate and mostly on topic. You could even share the articles I wrote here with everyone else, you could do that with the “Share this” link at the end of each article. You can add them to or Digg them or you email them to your friends.

What I write here is for you to enjoy and share. Just don’t claim them as your own okay? 😉

So what is my blog about again?

I’ve already answered this question in my About page, but I think readers seldomly visit it so it would be very helpful if I’ll quote the answer here:

I write The Four-eyed Journal to share my thoughts, experiences, reviews, studies, helpful tips and occassional rants about the internet, technology, gadgets, biology, health news or issues, even politics with the aim of contributing to people’s understanding and appreciation of these topics and how they could improve their lives with it.

Question now is, has this blog been true to that statement?

Come on everyone, let me know what you think of this blog and my blogging. I’m all ears and I’d greatly appreciate it. 😀

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  1. Very funny. You wrote this article yesterday morning and last night during the TasteAsia Bloggers' Party, I asked you the same question. :mrgreen:

    I think you're doing a good job with your blog. Just continue helping people improve their lives. More power!

    Btw, nice meeting you at the TasteAsia party!

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