Blogging dinosaur, I am

The title says it all. After going through my RSS subscription list or RSS list (there, I’ve used an ancient online term twice in this sentence now) and discarding the ones that are dead a realization has finally sink in: I am an old blogger. A remnant of the good old days before status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter became part of the air we breathe nowadays.

Back then blog rolls were the ‘friends list’. Subscribers were the ‘followers’ and the comment thread was where all the action took place. Link backs and quotes were the “Likes” and “retweets” of today.

Sad that most of the blogs that have become part of my daily reading diet are now relics from an era that now lives only in the Internet archive or the way back machine.

That’s life, that’s the Internet and social media. Change is constant. Bloggers come and go.

Even this blog has been resurrected numerous times in the last three years. What has remained constant, apart from change is the desire to blog, to write, to post, to share ideas (both figuratively and literally thanks to social media) and to interact with fellow bloggers and netizens the world over.

So onward, I write, edit, post and share. Onward to what ever future we may live in.

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