Blogging blues and sem break plans

It’s officially the last day of the 1st semester as I write this brain dump of sorts. Yeah, been to busy and unmotivated to blog regularly this past week hence the static on this yer blog of mine.

Starting tomorrow until November 5 is the semester break for DLSU-D. Three weeks of rest from school work, extra-curricular mayhem and all the mash-ups that give Bikoy a serious beating on top of his law school studies.

So what are my plans? First, I’ll buy a new computer this weekend to replace my old desktop which has kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. I’m actually excited about this because finally I’ll be able to play those new high-spec-hungry games I’ve been holding back on because of school and other obligations. Ergo, I’ll be on gaming mode this sem break.

Next, I’ll clean up my room. As in totally clean the entire room sweeping and leaving no crook and cranny untouched. I foresee tons of old papers, newspapares and other strange junk I’ve accumulated in my room this past 6 months. Not to mention the awesome nostalgia trip I’ll have as I sift through the whole mess.

Buy new clothes and a pair of sneakers. It’s high time I reward my self for giving a lot to others this past semester. Sadly, that dSLR will have to wait for November or December. *sighs*

Do a major theme reboot and upgrade all the blogs under my watch. I have 4 or more blogs under my supervision and half of them needs to be updated to the latest version of WordPress and not to mention all the plugins in each blog.

Speaking of which, I’ll also be doing or attempt a major evaluation of the plugins I use and dump the ones that are not really being of use to me.

Offline, I plan to get drunk with my highschool buddies whom I have not seen since last summer!

That’s it for this totally non-tech, non-geeky update.

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  1. So you've decided to work with the Amazing Grace theme? Nice! I did a review of this theme a few months back. Anyways, aren't you gonna use the Thematic theme anymore? Me, still haven't gotten to choose what theme to use for my next redesign. Too many choices, so little time. 😀

    1. @Jaypee
      I'm actually happy with this new theme. Clean, neat, powerful and has the same layout as my previous one.

      The cherry on top would be my custom pictures in the header. 😀

      I'm sure you'd be able to choose a theme real soon, and it would be a good one.

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