Bloggers Petition against RA No 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Some of you may have thought that I’ve stopped blogging about what’s going on in society, that I’ve become a silent observer now in the background, a former shell of a once activist-blogger from years ago. Entirely not true. Today I break the silence by publishing here, a copy of our petition for Certiorari & Prohibition [With Application for the Issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order and/or Writ of Preliminary Injunction] against Republic Act No 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 which has been recently enacted into law by the Aquino government. It was docketed as G.R. No 203469.

The reasons why I oppose the anti-Cybercrime law are all enumerated in detail within the petition I filed along with other bloggers and netizens who will not sit by silently while a government led by the son of the supposed “icons of Philippine democracy” implement a law that throws us back to dark ages of repression and tyranny in this modern, connected age.

Bloggers Petition Certiorari & Prohibition [With Application for the Issuance of a Temporary Restra…

For those who have difficulty understanding the language of the pleading, we’ve made available a summary written for a much lighter reading.

Petition Summary

I urge every concerned citizen, active online or not, to join us in fighting for our rights and freedom, for progress and development, to stand together in opposing this draconian law that is the anti-Cybercrime law.

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