The struggle goes on: life and blog updates

I’m supposed to be in Mendiola right now, joining the other progressive groups in calling for the resignation or ouster of Gloria “Evil” Macapagal-Arroyo. What better way to commemorate the anniversary of EDSA 1 than this right? However, there are other struggles I’m engaged in and the reason I’m still at home, finally updating this blog is because tomorrow, I will start to actively engage in one of the oldest yet noblest struggle a student-leader could join in; consultation meetings for the proposed Tuitition and Miscellaneous Fee Increase in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas.

The meeting is set for tomorrow afternoon, where the representatives of every sector in the DLSUD will meet to discuss how much more our ever-so-beloved administrators want to extract from our poor and hardworking parents come June 2008 which is the start of the next academic year just to avail of ourselves that coveted “Lasallian education.”

I was asked by our USC President to attend as her representative for she too had another struggle to fight, her undergraduate thesis. From where I stand, this would be a good way to end my year of service at the University Student Council, being its Advocacy and Students’ Rights Committee head, the struggle against unreasonable tuition fee increase is of great importance.

This would also be a test of how far the student body and the administration has become “united” as always, the issue of tuition fee increase is something that has caused conflicts both great and small between students, their student-leaders and school administrators. The struggle for good quality education at humane prices against the commercialization of it takes center-stage at DLSU-D. Tomorrow afternoon. We may have united in the call for GMA’s resignation, for truth and justice to prevail, again this issue of increased school fees could very well split that fragile partnership. More details of this issue, from where I would begin my case against for it and its developments, I’d discuss in my newly launched personal journal and photo blog, JhayDR.

Another new blog?!

JhayDRThis has been in the drawing boards since late December last year. It’s all part of my master plan to get my very own digital SLR camera in order to see where my growing interest in photography would take me. This new interest was sparked when I got my Sony Ericsson K800i also last year. It may be just a 3.2Megapixel camera phone, but it has shown me how exciting the world of photography could be. After getting myself a PRO Flickr account last January, (why I moved from Zooomr is for another post), I figured I could start photo-blogging even though I only have a Cyber-shot phone. It may not be as powerful as the dSLRs of Cannon or Nikon, but the small size and not-so-shabby capabilities is a window to a world of casual, everyday living where the cellphone is an essential fiber.

Since JhayDR is a personal journal + photoblog, it’s a good way to clean up The Four-eyed Journal and make it more focused on helping others understand technology, science and computing trends, thereby increasing its value for readers which in turn would help me earn enough money to get a full-pledged dSLR. All the other topics not worth monetizing or optimizing but I’d still want to write about, I can now on my new blog, JhayDR which is hosted on a domain name that carries my own full name. (

My new personal blog could help me write and post regularly since it would be a sort of ‘scratch pad’ of sorts, allowing to just write without holding back or thinking about keywords and stuff. This helps a lot in overcoming blogger’s bloc and procrastination. LOL Over-all, I’m positive this new strategy will help me improve as a blogger and finally learn how to write and maintain focused blogs whether it would be monetized or not.

Well that’s it for this. And this is probably the last time you’ll read a personal, even if it’s pseudo-personal, post here in the Four-eyed Journal. For all the behind-the-scenes or behind-the-blogger stories, do visit JhayDR, see some of the photos I took and for once, see me not talking about geeky stuff!

This blog will now return to its regular programming. LOLZ

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  1. Congratulations with the new blog! I’ve also been planning to do something like this but just too busy and I’m not sure if I can keep it updated. Maintaining several blogs needs a lot of time. 🙂

  2. I believe removing the Evil GMA and replacing her with Kabayan will not at all solve our economic woes. The main problem would be our democratic system. By getting rid of her, you probably stamped out the corruption problem, but if voters will continue to elect only those who are simply popular but not capable, then the risk of a downward spiral in our economy remains. You’re not solving the main problem at all by booting her out, until our voters learn to vote wisely.

  3. Below is a transcript of a supposedly wiretapped conversation between Joey and Jun I got from a website. Judge for yourself if Jun Lozada is indeed deserving to be treated a hero, but of course after ascertaining if this is genuine.

    usapang udifuta


    TRACK 3…

    Joey (allegedly, Joey de Venecia): Hey Jun.

    Jun (allegedly, Jun Lozada): Hey Joey.

    Joey: Jun, can you hear me?

    Jun: Yeah. Go ahead.

    Joey: Yeah, where are you to put Chair (Abalos)?

    Jun: Ang formula ko doon is kuha ako ng points dun sa 130.

    Joey: Uh-huh…

    Jun: Di ba? Kasi saan ko pa kukunin di ba? (laughs) Itong mga …

    Joey: Kaya lang pare, we need to get some… at least from… something from them, di ba?

    Jun: Yeah.. from both sides. P*t@ng!na…

    Joey: Pare.. start from the thing.. Because he’s the gatekeeper of the votes. P*ta. I can understand, but not that amount.

    Jun: Oh yeah. that’s too big, right. That’s too big.

    Joey: Pare, let’s develop a plan to talk to him.

    Jun: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So…

    Joey: And you know what he told me, between you and I. When we were in Hong Kong… in Shenzen. Don’t quote me ha. Sabi niya kasi, marami akong…… Tinanong ko bakit ba ang laki-laki? Singkwenta.. Sabi niya marami ako kelangan bigyan. Pati yung NEDA. He said the word NEDA ha. P*t@ngina. For your information pare.

    Jun: Information? I would understand that… He’d like to look at…

    Joey: Maybe, wait, you can quote me and say, sabi ni Joey meron daw… sabi mo sa kanya may NEDA dun. (laughs) Di ba? He told me pare. (laughs)

    Jun: Sige, sige…

    Joey: P*t@ng!na, baka magwala na naman yung… (laughs)

    Jun: For some reason, I have this chemistry with him. Sabi ko Chair… In fact, sabi niya, Jun, ikaw na mag-referee bukas ha. Sabi niya, I want you to be there. Ikaw na mag-referee, ikaw na magsabi kung papaano. Sige po Sir, ako na ang mag-aano sa ano… (laughs)

    Joey: Well anyway, so that’s where I’m looking at right now. .. ought to get you.. And then, uh, think of a strategy for Ben (Abalos?), and if you need me to back you up, I’ll be there.

    Jun: Hey Joey, regarding this Chinese embassy thing. I think I struck a motherload no? I’ll put them in Roxas Boulevard. P*t@ng!na, di ba?

    Joey: In the Reformation? (Reclamation)

    Jun: No, p*t@ng!na, that’s not prime. We’ll put them in the CCP complex.

    Joey: Yup, got it.

    Jun: P*t@ng!na. Yeah, that’s, wala.. I can ??? that ??? agreement. (I can swing that gddam deal pare)

    Joey: You mean, owned by the Central Bank?

    Jun: Yeah! Can you imagine? P*t@ng!na, same stature as the American embassy, better pa, di ba? The Japanese Embassy is in Roxas Boulevard. The American embassy is there. So p*ta, I just arrived that we put the Chinese embassy right in the midst of it all, di ba? Joey: Yes, yes, of course. That’s ??? to hear. That’s foresight. (That’s perfect)

    Jun: … don’t mention my name. I think he knows me well.

    Joey: Gaano kalaki, pare?

    Jun: P*t@ng!na, as much as 15 hectares. (laughs)

    Joey: P*t@ng!na. Tapos siguro kumuha rin tayo dun. Pero we need 10 finances. (10 financers)

    Jun: No, no, no, no. P*t@ng!na. I cannot just tell you all the things that I’ve been asked to do. But that one I think, I can ??? for ourselves.

    Joey: I’ll talk to the…

    Jun: Talk to him right away.

  4. @ Pian: For the record, the blog site you linked to is dubious, who ever professes to bring out the truth but hides in anonymity is no different from being a liar. More so, it strikes of being spineless and fence-sitting.

    For all we know, the persons behind that site are in cahoots with GMA and her henchmen.

    Lastly, it is no longer of high importance whether Jun Lozada is a saint or a hypocrite. Remember what Jesus said, "he who has no sin, cast the first stone."

    We are not talking about Jun Lozada here, we are talking about what Jun Lozada have witnessed and have been involved in.

    I may not be a lawyer, but this is the tactic of those who cannot refute the testimonies of a witness: attack his personality and discredit him. They may succeed, your so-called "patriots 4 truth" may succeed but the issue still stands, what is the truth behind the NBN-ZTE deal? And why is the Arroyo administration so paranoid and scared-shitless about it?

  5. TO JHAY

    The reason why I keep on defending GMA is because our economy has never grown this much, and our democratic system is very illegitimate, such that in the event she’s ousted, the VP who was voted purely for his popularity with the masses, will take over. Credit to the economic growths if they can be given to GMA or not is always put in question. If OFWs deserve the sole credit, then it will be safe to pass on the powers to the VP. Always questioning the credit arises because of the illegitimacy of our democratic system. Passing the country under VP’s care who was elected simply because he’s only popular with the masses, is just too risky for me, I don’t want to take the chance. I care about the country. While you may have dealt with the problem of corruption though uncertain, there’s a greater probability our economy will not grow. I want to minimize the risk first, so we can deal effectively with corruption. So it’s not that I don’t care about the plague of corruption, I only want to minimize the risk first. There are other Asian countries like China and Vietnam with high growth rates which attract foreign investors but which we know are also corrupt countries, even more corrupt.

    I do believe the opposition Senators are using Lozada purely to advance the Presidential ambitions of some, and not because they sincerely want to end corruption. The senate investigation should be as an aid-to-legislation, but they didn’t pass any law on that, this case should’ve been brought to the proper forum, which is the court, and these Senators should have cleaned themselves up right in their own backyard. But no, it’s obvious to me they’re simply making a political noise and nothing else.

    I likewise believe he was abducted so his primary motivation was fear more than anything else. But there’s also this scenario I read that it was a wrestling match between the government and Lacson. Lacson did admit meeting with Lozada 6x I think before Lozada left for Hong Kong. So they may have been cooking up something.

    I think he’s just taking advantage of his newfound popularity. He might be eyeing the Senate. He could be a bad and not a good influence to the youth if he keeps this up. He’s teaching this people to go against the law, subvert it and engage in a mob rule instead. He’s enjoying this immensely.

  6. Pian: We just talked with Jun Lozada last Tuesday at La Salle Greenhills, (I'll blog about it later on) and again I tell you: "Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone"

    We're not saying Jun Lozada is a saint, naturally, since you're a defender of GMA, you'd swallow and regurgitate her propaganda that Lozada is just after fame, fortune and a seat in Government. We're not even talking about Jun Lozada here, what we Lasallians and the greater majority of Filipinos want to know the truth behind the stories of Jun Lozada.

    How could facing up to your sins and mistakes then telling the truth to the world, risking life and limb be not a good influence to the youth?

    Or do you want us to emulate GMA? Grow the economy, fill our pockets with money never mind that I killed, stolen and lied to the rest of the country? Perhaps you should moderate your greed as well? Natutulad ka na kay Gloria, puro na lang ekonomiya.

    But has the economy really improved? I'm sending you something via e-mail, an analysis of NSCB (this a gov't agency) which validates that our country's economy has done nothing to combat the worsening poverty in our country. :mrgreen:

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