Blog updates January 2010

With the new year and the start of the a new decade, it’s the perfect time to do some upgrades, clean ups and tweaking to this blog for a better reading experience to you my readers and visitors.

Theme upgrade

The biggest change would come from the theme upgrade I just made. This blog now runs both Vigilance 1.45 (parent theme) and Vigilance PRO Child Theme 1.31. You’d notice the smaller and cleaner fonts now gracing the post titles, post body and the sidebar contents.

There are still a few bugs to iron out like the missing custom code box on top of the sidebar but hopefully, theme author Drew Strojny would be able to roll out fixes for this real soon.

Plugins removed

Yesterday my blog was nearly broken again by a malfunctioning plugin. The culprit was the ‘Socialize This‘ plugin by Mike Rogers. No wonder auto-upgrading the plugin yesterday was unsuccessful, something was broken with it, probably an incompatibility issue with WordPress 2.9.1, but it certainly gave me a headache.

Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it so I decided to just remove and replace it with a plugin that did the same job of allowing readers to share my posts on their social bookmarking site of choice but without breaking my blog.

Plugins installed

So now I run the SexyBookmarks plugin and indeed it adds that ‘oomp!’ to my blog posts. Notice also the second newest plugin running on this blog, it’s the TweetMeme plugin which allows for easy sharing of my blog posts to Twitter.

Hopefully these updates to this blog will make your reading experience a more pleasant and enjoyable one. Now comes to goal of putting out better content in a more consistent manner, but more on that and my other blogging goals for 2010 so until the next post, happy new year to all! πŸ˜€

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  1. Happy New Year Jhay! I agree we need to change themes and plugins once in a while. Since I've moved to WordPress I often found myself changing plugins – for appearance's sake or compatibility purposes.

    1. Thanks! I still have over 20 inactive plugins installed in my blog. Would have to go in and weed them out again once the fix to my theme's bug rolls out.

      Happy New Year as well!

  2. I'm really sorry about my plugin causing havoc on your blog. In future I will make sure I check that upgrading goes a little more smoothly before I update in the WordPress SVN.

      1. I believe I added a new feature which allowed for the icons to be pulled individually in the template which was the cause of the problem. So pretty much the problem was due to me proofing code after a long night πŸ™

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